Tumour survivor recounts miracles


SHE IS A WALKING miracle – a woman who was told by doctors she had the biggest brain tumour ever seen, yet she lived to tell the story of her victory and God’s faithfulness.Two years ago she faced an uncertain future when doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital told her they could not offer her any hope, but 63-year-old Amelita Worrell never gave up. Her faith in God’s Word and miraculous appearance of rainbows are reasons today whyshe has chosen to share her story. And what do rainbows have to do with this Bruce Vale, St Andrew woman’s trip back to health?It all started for Worrell early in 2008 when her blood pressure reached an all-time high. Within months, her right foot was so weak she literally had to drag it along as she walked.Concerned and overwhelmed, Worrell,a former civil servant, decided to have a CT scan done at her doctor’s recommendation.In September 2008, following an MRI, she was informed that she had a large brain tumour. Writing became impossible, and drinking fruit juice resulted in severe coughing.“The doctor said the tumour could not be removed here and I would have to go overseas.,” Worrell explained.She was fortunate in that her three sisters – Ivonette, Laverne and Vanta – and a brother, McVern, lived in Baltimore, Maryland. So Worrell packed her bags early in November 2008 and headed for the United States.There, she received the same news: The tumour was the biggest ever seen. In fact, it was referred to as a “classic tumour”.Furthermore, doctors informed her that it could not be removed during one surgery; she needed two operations. She was also told there was the possibility of her suffering a stroke, paralysis,or dying.“The surgery was set for December 31, 2008, but Worrell was so desirous of spending Old Year’s Night with her church family that she asked God to have the date changed. Her prayers were answered. “A week before the scheduled date, I was told surgery would be on January 2, 2009, instead,” she said.All the while Worrell’s condition was getting worse. She could not swallow and was finding it difficult to care for herself.“The morning of the surgery I had to have another MRI done. I kept wondering how, since lying flat was difficult,” she explained.“However, when I went that morning, I felt a sweet peace. I was on my back for 45 minutes without discomfort. I knew it was God’s peace. All my fears left and I started to sing.”That was one of her many miracles. “After the MRI, I called the pastor and my family to pray for me.“After praying, I knewI was there in body but not in spirit. For two hours I was totally unaware of what was going on around me. What happened just before and during the15 hours of surgery were other miracles for Worrell.“My family told me I went into surgery with an Indian doctor, but I was seeing a white woman around me. This was before I was given the anaesthesia. As I was going to surgery I told the Lord He promised to restore everything the cankerworm and palmer worm had taken from me, and that He said in His Word, I am an overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb and Word of my testimony. I told Him He was Lord of my life,” she added.After 15 hours of surgery, she woke up very alert and remembered seeing a beautiful place with very bright lights. Her right eye later had to be closed through surgery (to protect her cornea), since it had refused to close following the surgery.Worrell spent two weeks in hospital. Within three months, her sight and hearing were back to normal. Another miracle!Her next surgery was scheduled for December 15, 2009.On November 9,as she sat at home,the miraculous happened again.“I was sitting at home alone, reading, when I felt to look up. When I did, I saw a rainbow covering the ceiling. I was amazed but not afraid! I just watched it and wondered what it meant.“Suddenly these words come into my thoughts.“The Lord is a covenant-keeping God and He kept His promise to Noah – through a rainbow. “I knew then Godwas going to restore everything to me,”she said.Two days later another rainbow appeared.This time Worrell wasnot alone.“I was talking to Ivonette on the telephone and telling her about the rainbow when it appeared again.“I shouted for my other sister, Laverne, to come.“The rainbow was just beautiful. It travelled alongside the wall, with parts on the ceiling.“Laverne looked to see if there were rays of sun coming into the house, but there was none.”Similar to the previous day, the rainbow stayed for 30 minutes, then slowly faded away.Worrell had the second operation (which lasted for 13 hours) to remove the rest of the tumour. Unbelievably so, she left the hospital on December 23 – one week later.A three-week return to the hospital followed after she developed meningitis. That, she also overcame.On May 4 a victorious Worrell returned home – without a stroke or paralysis.“God’s Word sustained me all the way. Back there, I stood on His promises. I reminded Him that He is not a man that He should lie, or repent, and that He said His Word would not return unto Him void.“I told Him He promised to restore everything to me, and that I believed Him. “I also told Him He said healing is the children’s bread, and that He said He sent His Word to Heal my disease.“I have proven God’s Word, and it’s sure,” Worrell emphasised.“People need to know His Word is reliable.”While problems with her eyes are slowly resolving, Worrell knows that by faith, all is well.


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