Keep focus on what you want


WHAT IS IT that you do not want? Let that be your motivator. Often we are told to speak and think positively, be passionate about your plans and that the Law of Attraction will bring the good things in life to you.

However, often we get sidetracked by the things we do not want. Well here is a suggestion about how you can use the emotion tied up in what you don’t want to get what you do want.

First, you must clearly understand what you don’t want. Then you must decide what is it that you want. Take all the fear, anger and frustration that you felt when you thought of what you do not want, re-direct it, as this must become the driving force towards getting you what you want.

Define what you want simply and clearly create a picture of it in your mind, conjure up the feelings of joy and anticipation, using the energy that you had previously given to what you did not want. Next, step out, and take action to get it.

Keep going and whenever you feel like stopping quickly review the situation that you did not want, but do not dwell on it for more that 30 seconds. Move back to what you need to do next to get what you want.

The pain, strain and tribulations will be worth it and you will certainly feel that sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that you transformed your life and maybe the lives of the people around you. Smile and be joyfully transformed today as you keep focused on what you want.



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