Back with husband but missing friend


Dear Christine,
BECAUSE of my husband’s heavy drinking I left him and went to live with my mother. That was about two years ago.
During that time, I made friends with a man of whom I have become very fond. He is not demanding and understands my reluctance to get intimate.
My husband came to realise that I no longer intended to put up with his drinking when I left and he gave it up. He begged and eventually convinced me to return. But how can I forget my kind, gentle friend?
This might not make sense to you but I do care for my husband. However, I’m finding it hard to get my friend out of my mind.
Please let me hear from you, Christine. Thanks very much.
– P.R.
Dear P.R.,
YOU MAY NEVER FORGET ENTIRELY, but time may help you to see things more clearly. I suggest since you do care for your husband that you concentrate on building a future with him.
You have no cause for regrets, only pleasant memories of a loving friendship and a penitent husband you care for.


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