Be careful when lending


LENDING is the act of giving with the expectation of receiving it back.

Giving is to donate or to bestow. Sir, with this in mind, can someone please explain to me why some persons find it so difficult to return money they borrowed?

People, when you go to any lending institution, you have to repay by a specified time and with interest.

When you borrow from a friend, you eliminate that hassle. Why then do you procrastinate, threaten and gripe when the loan is due?

I recently endured a harrowing experience with a friend over a large sum of money owed to me for over a year!

Would you believe I had to get the police to intervene in order to recover my funds? Luckily for me, I had the individual sign a lender’s agreement.

Fellow Barbadians, don’t fall prey to sad tales of woe and desperation, it’s all an act.

They are your friends when they need to borrow money, but when it’s time to repay, you’re the enemy.

Before you hand over the cash, let them sign on the dash. Put it in writing, folks!



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