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Poor schedule at lone TV station


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CAN SOMEONE tell me what is happening at our lone TV station in the Pine?

I am appalled at the level of programming that Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been subjecting the public of Barbados to every single day.

CBC’s daily programme menu is like a constant bowl of warmed over, oh wait – that should be overheated and burnt soup, with its constant repeat programming.

Case in point, the repeat of series like Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights, Boston Public and The Best Years, just to name a few, all of which they aired before and have brought back; not a new series mind you, but the same original series they showed before.

Then there are programmes like Shark and Reba which they have been airing two and three times a week. Unfortunately, this repeat obsession is not limited to series, but also to movies.

For example, Miracles (The Helen Keller Story) and Men Of Honor, both of which they could get no worse. They also plan on showing the Miss Barbados episode of The Times Of Our Past for about the third time this year, and we’re only into half the year.

The one good programme they showed recently was Prison Break, and that ended without them informing the public that it was the last episode in that series. So of course, given their reputation, many of us thought this was their usual abrupt ending of a show.

Now that they should quickly continue with the next series I suppose it will take them another one or two years to resume that programme.

That is if they don’t return with the original series as they are doing now. Look how long it took them to bring back 24, and most people can’t remember how the previous series ended.

The only thing CBC’s staff appears to put more energy into is their annual Socaholics event.

If only a quarter of the energy and effort they put into generating sponsorship and promotion for that event could be put into proper programming, we would have a half-way decent programme menu.

If this is CBC’s way of trying to force the public to subscribe to MCTV then they need to think again.

It is high time someone reminded the powers-that-be that as the lone TV station in this country they have an obligation to provide proper programming to the public.

It is beyond me why successive governments continue to give them a monopoly by refusing to grant licenses to other entities.

It is high time they had some competition and are forced to fight for their bread and butter like the rest of us.

A word to you CBC, your programming is your number one function, and for what you’ve been serving up, you receive a big fat “F”. Your Board, General Manager and TV Programme Manager in particular should hang their heads in shame.



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