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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: What of commentary?


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When the chief executive officer of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dr Ernest Hilaire, stated that almost half the cricketers on the West Indies Under-19 team could barely read or write, he was taken to task for days by the many commentators in the newspapers and on the call-in programmes.
Why should anybody take offence when there is truth in the statement? Too often we are prepared to kill the messenger, rather than heed the message.
Some years ago, a former president of the WICB said that some players could not even fill out a common immigration form – which might have been true.
To be honest, although many of us can read and write, some immigration forms in different parts of the world can be very complicated and difficult to fill out.
Cricket is one of the most intellectual of games and requires deep  thought and calculation.
During the early 1960s the West Indies team had players with a good secondary education – persons like the Rev Wes Hall, Sir Frank Worrell and David Holford, who was a graduate of the University of the West Indies.
At the moment, the present captains of England and Australia are all university graduates.
We must remember that cricket especially in this era is not only about talent, but it is also about education and brain. And those who come on board must have the right mentality and correct attitude and also be prepare to learn. The captain and the players have to be always speaking to the Press and the public, therefore, education is a must.
Today, we are finding that former Test players are not cricket commentators around the world.
Tell me how many of our former test players can and do make that transition from player to commentator.
We in the West Indies only have two former players who are international commentators. There are Michael Holding and Ian Bishop. What a pity?
While there are many former England players who are commentators – such as Ian Bothan (captain), David Gower (captain), Mike Altherton (captain), Nasser Hussan (captain), Bob Willis (captain), Paul Allott and Nick Knight.
We can even look at some of the former Australia players who are now commentators, Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor (all captains), Ian Healy, Michael Slater, Shane Warne and Greg Blewett.
We can ask what the song asked, where have all the flowers gone?
What is wrong with our former players, for they cannot make the transition from the field to the commentators’ box.
Lest I forget, there are those former New Zealand players who are now commentators: Simon Dull, Ian Smith and Mark Richardson.The question we should therefore be asking ourselves is why more of our former Test players cannot be commentators? Is it because of the lack of education? Or is it because they are not public speakers? St John The Baptist Festival The St John The Baptist Church will celebrate its patronal festival from Sunday until the next. On Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Procession and Sung Eucharist. Preacher Father Charles Morris. At 5:30 p.m. Prayer and Worship service.
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