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I CONFESS: Women, think about your actions


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The following is an edited version of a response to the article Women Lie And Cheat Too, which appeared on June 12. In that article the man said: “Women are the biggest hypocrites in this country, and it is about time men stop falling for their tears.”
I AM PROBABLY one of the few women that would agree with you.
I have met some very, very wicked, deceitful, and vindictive women who use sex to get what they want. They use the foolish phrase: “What women does sell, men does buy”.
What a load of nonsense!
But these women are mothers with daughters who look up to them, and sons who will tell themselves: ‘So this is what women do’.
Women need to stop and think about their actions.
Honestly, in my 30-something years alive I have met a whole farm of men and, yes, I have been hurt many times, especially from one of my previous relationships. My heart was torn but I got up, dusted myself off and held my head up high.
I use my experiences as examples to my kids and explain, in the best way I can, to show them the effects of our actions.
Then there are women out there that use the children to get back at the fathers (I can name a few but won’t).
There are honest fathers who support their children, love them honestly and truly care about their future, yet the nasty-minded mothers or others put them in court, demanding money so they can use the money to pay their rent, get a hairdo or go to the latest fete – and they are working!
And then there are the honest mothers out there (like me), who are struggling to make ends meet but cannot get a blind cent from the father.
The law in Barbados is just not fair.
Don’t get me wrong. I can also enlighten the Barbados public that they are a few, honest, good women and men around.
But after “working on a farm for some time, the stench gets awful and you want to leave – it leaves a stain and a bad taste in your mouth”, especially after you put in long hours of hard work and reap nothing but blisters and corns.


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