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PUDDING & SOUSE: Biggest gay party ever


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THE BIGGEST GAY PARTY ever took place in Barbados last night.Pudding and Souse understands that they booked a popular restaurant just outside of Bridgetown for the “do” and the intent was to party until the wee hours of this morning.We were told that the who’s who of the gay community were expected to be in attendance.Not only that but we undertsand that several specially invited guests also flew in from other Caribbean countries to participate in the event.And yes; it was a gay only fete!
Invitation only weddingTALKING ABOUT GAYS, Pudding and Souse is awaiting an invitation for a major wedding coming up soon between two popular members of the gay community.We will be patient since we understand that security will be so tight that the venue will only be revealed on the morning of the wedding.And those guests who think they can sneak a few pictures of the bride and groom with their cell phones – think again – all will be confiscated at the  door.
Diva behaviour STAFF AT A high end hotel were kept busy this week cleaning up the classiest rooms which were secured by a certain diva for her and her multiple guests.Apparently she left the room in a disgusting state and the hotel is of course preparing a huge repair bill.It appears that the classy woman and her guests smoke, drank and partied non-stop in the room. Security had to be constantly knocking on the door because the smoke alarm would not stop  going off, and from what we understand, a very familiar cigarette odor was detected each time.Management at the hotel are now contemplating banning this guest from using its facilities.Apparently a few years ago, they had to send her a huge bill when she and her former  boyfriend also wrecked the place.
Poor funeral management
Staff at a business place are still fuming over management’s behaviour when it came to the funeral of a colleague.What drove them crazy is that the business did not close early on the day of the burial, and only a few staff were allowed to attend.Staff want to know where was the respect that was  due to this hard working man, who gave tirelessly to the company for many  years.They strongly believed that the company should have honoured the man by closing early and allowing everyone to go to the funeral. And as far as they are concerned, management showed its true colors by demonstrating that it didn’t have the staff’s interest at heart.
How quick we forget IT WAS certainly not a picture perfect moment when a woman, who thinks of herself as a “nobody” turned “somebody”, behaved in a most uncouth and unruly manner because the camera lens were on the woman whom she waits for on hands and knees.She had the audacity to call someone “poor” and say they couldn’t afford to be where they were hanging out.Her despicable behaviour set tongues wagging, and those who witnessed her lower class attitude wanted to know if her best friend’s fame had clouded her mind and made her forget that she came from the ghetto.They want her to know that at the end of the day she is nothing but a wannabe celebrity maid, and she really showed her true colours.It really shows that you can take the pig out of the sty, but you can never take the sty out of the pig  LOL!!!!!!.
Fear notA certain individual has nothing to worry about. Pudding and Souse understands that a file on his management of a certain institution will catch dust and disappear, repeatedly if needs be, before he has to account for anything. Of greater significance, though, is that from the outset no nexus between him and certain accusations has been determined. And never will be. It was a ruse after all.


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