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HEALING HERBS – The value of pomegranates


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Greetings! “Behold, how good and pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity”. Hearing, heeding, health and healing are spiritually generated holistic words all beginning with the letter “H”.The truth behind the above revelation is that we must understand the body’s pH or Potential of Hydrogen. Healing takes place when our bodies are balanced, being 80 per cent alkaline and 20 per cent acid. Therefore, this one is for you whoever or wherever you are.Ascend from the Abyss! In essence rise and be healed in the name of the Creator.
PomegranatesPomegranate or Punica granatum is an ancient “silent doctor” and healer. Examine the guava and breadfruit to make a fascinating discovery. Pomegranates like melanin have an incredible intelligence.In ancient days pomegranates were associated with the Ark of the Covenant and were mentioned by King Solomon. A pomegranate has a hard shell which resembles the skull; therefore persons with challenges which affect the nervous system can research it.It is round and its seeds resemble eggs making it excellent for the fallopian tubes and the other reproductive organs of males and females. It has chambers making it good for bad cholesterol, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Its blossom when young sometimes resembles the penis and can assist prostate cancer and combating impotence. The flower petals are delicate, combined with the leaves is excellent for blood cleansing, blood platelets and anemia.When the seeds are removed from the inside shell it reminds me of the intestines. It is excellent for healing organs of the digestive system.
Healing propertiesPomegranate fruit, bark and root will heal excess gas, diarrhoea,  intestinal parasites and excess stomach acid. The seeds resemble small teeth. It has many more health benefits and more research can be conducted on omegranate and bone marrow. This research directed me to the pH of pomegranate and the role of pancreatic juice.Tortora and Derrickson (2009) posit in their book entitled: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology that “pancreatic juice, is a clear, colourless liquid consisting mostly of water, some salts, sodium bicarbonate and several enzymes”. They further posit that “the sodium bicarbonate gives pancreatic juice a slightly alkaline pH (7.1-8.2) that buffers acidic gastric juice . . . and this creates the proper pH for action of digestives enzymes in the small intestines”. Pomegranates are very alkaline and can enhance the pancreas for massive healing.Finally, the pomegranate protects herself with sharp thrones and any tree which protects itself is royal and virtuous. If consumed correctly, coupled with a drastic change in what we eat, pomegranates will combat many health challenges including cancer.Remember, I advise you to use Barbadian grown pomegranates, they are in season. Use the juice direct from the seeds. 
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator.


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