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Religion the banner of extremists


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HAVING READ THE ARTICLE Culture At Risk by Harry Russell in the June 21 DAILY NATION and subsequently Suleiman Bulbulia’s Islamphobia The New Trend Of The West on Page 10A of the June 23 DAILY NATION.

I would like to make some comments salient to the matter. Firstly, Russell’s article is not new. Studies have shown the same views expressed by him.

We only have to look around the world and observe the growing influence of the Muslim faith.

For example, there are over 150 mosques in the United States alone. Britain has a growing population, and on and on it goes.

What concerns me most is though there are moderate Muslims, the extremists operate under a religious banner, despite the political objective of having a Muslim government in every Muslim country.

Their ultimate goal is to establish a worldwide caliphate (Islamic empire) and to unite all Muslims.

As an example, when Iran’s President Ahmandinejad spoke to a gathering of leaders from Hamas and Islamic Jihad he urged Muslims all over the world – Shias and Sunnis alike – to prepare for the day when our holy hatred expands and strikes like a wave.

Not only does he want to see the destruction of Israel, but the United States and England.

If these objectives succeed, would it not affect the Christian culture worldwide?

Finally, there are those Muslims who believe the Mahdi (divinely guided one), a sort of Islamic Messiah will re-emerge to establish Islam in its rightful place as the dominant, and eventually the only religion over the entire world.



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