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Waging of war not answer to economic recovery for US


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THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY is driven by a military-industrial complex, the main products of which are wars in foreign lands and terror induced by rumours of war.

(Full employment in planned obsolescence by production, deployment and disposal of expensive expendables).

Not unreasonably, therefore, President Barack Obama, in the interest of his inheritance, must be reluctant to adopt the rate of reduction in public spending suggested by other members of G-20 who, unlike the United States, have no global military commitments as the flagship of their economies as a Keynesian making of war to create a demand for peace.

Obama’s predecessor created the terror that stimulates the martial economy of the United States.

Obama campaigned to divert the exorbitant government spending from the war in Iraq to welfare projects in homeland United States.

Attempts to fulfil that promise polarised capitalist Republicans and socialist Democrats across the United States, and even when the capitalists were exposed as speculators commuting between Las Vegas and Wall Street, the mass communications media “capitalised” on the sensationalism of demonising socialists and liberals as worse than despotic fascists flogging an exclusive brand of governance as a one-size philosophy of democracy that could fit all cultures everywhere – just like building another Tower of Babel!

In the emerging confusion it seems that the world would be a safer and a happier place if the Bald Eagle circled much closer to its home and the United States economy was concentrated on more isolation and less evangelistic democracy.

In that retreat, perhaps the United States could recapture its sizeable domestic market from foreign imports while creating a reasonable surplus of conventional goods for export at competitive world market prices.

The waging of perpetual war is not a remedy for recovery from the current recession. Neither the United States nor Israel has a God-given responsibility to save the rest of the world from itself.

The British Empire was the last of that type of crusade. It has no successor.When China eventually emerges as leading in the world’s industrial production, there will be no need for fascist hegemony as governance in politics or doctrine in economics and religion.

The diversity of creation will prevail and the prophecy of Micah 4:3-5 would have come to pass.



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