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PUDDING & SOUSE – Love triangle turns sour


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IT WAS BARE bacchanal recently in The Ivy, St Michael, when a young man who has been involved in a love triangle for a while, found himself trapped by his lover, who is supposed to be his staunch woman.His friends and even his child’s mother are now calling him Usain Bolt, because they say the star athlete would not have been able to catch him when he fled the scene.From what Puddin’ and Souse understands, this man spent the night in a shop telling his friends that he was finished with his outside woman and he was sticking with his staunch. But when everyone left the watering hole, he sneaked over by the woman’s apartment in his big ride.That was a major mistake because his staunch witnessed this bigfoot move and she and her best friend blocked his ride with their vehicles.His outside woman was inside trembling like a leaf because she had just spent hundreds of dollars getting her top-notch lawyer to send warning letters to Miss Staunch, as well as his child mother.Instead of coming out of the apartment and showing his face, the embarrassed man texted his staunch woman telling her that he left his car in The Ivy but he was at the Pork Lime and would take a taxi home.But Miss Staunch refused to move, so in order to escape her wrath he jumped over the fencing and ran over to the Pork Lime.Police were called and a few minutes later the embarrassed man turned up for his car.Same-sex love knotTHE WEDDING of the century will be taking place today, as in this evening, at a secluded, private St James residence.Two well-known members of the gay community will say “I do” at the private ceremony.Puddin’ and Souse undertsands that who’s who of the gay community will be in attendance, as well as some very prominent people who have flown in to witness the nuptials.One wag said everyone was anxious to see who will be wearing the dress – the one who is the most junior or the other one who likes to foster relationships.But those who will be clamouring for a view are in for a big disappointment. Security will be tight, tight, tight. Even invited guests will have to leave their cellular phones at the door.Who spilled the beans?TWO BIG MEN who work at a certain ministry are at loggerheads with each other over a question which appeared in this newspaper’s column, Question Time.It appears that the man whose actions were questioned seems to think that his buddy was the one who spilled the beans about him.Since the question appeared he has stopped speaking to the man and has even been dropping remarks about him. But all hell broke loose when the man retaliated and sang a song about who was caught with a cow doing what.Workers quickly called in the police as they suspected that the two men would end up having a physical altercation on the plant. They have both been warned, but their colleagues know that this is not the end. They are expecting things to boil over very soon.
Church at crossroadsMembers of a Christ Church congregation are quietly planning an overthrow of their leader.They are upset, claiming that since this man took over a few years ago, he has single-handedly destroyed the traditions and standards which they held dear.But worst of all, they say he has become a DLP stooge and is deeply involved in politics. This is a major concern for his flock, who do not believe that he can manage the church and dabble in politics at the same time.Members are also angry that his wife is controlling the keys to a building for which they are still paying. It means that she is solely in charge of any funds that come in.Members intend to agitate for a change.


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