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A footnote about fame


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ANDERSON BLOOD ARMSTRONG believes there is always much to look forward to in entertainment, but that one has to be “proactive”.And being “proactive” led this singer, songwriter and producer, who has been in showbiz for 27 years, to win this year’s Party Monarch competition and take the Soca Royale prize at Bushy Park, St Philip, last Sunday. Blood, pocketing $22 000 for his Foot On Fire hit, left the park ultimately in an $89 000 car.The St Philip resident, who “felt wonderful and relieved” when MC Mac Fingall announced him winner, told of how Foot On Fire evolved.“The concept came one night from the side effects of medication my girlfriend had taken. I was turning in bed when she jumped up and said, ‘Oww! Oww! My foot is on fire!’ And I thought that singing a song like that would make people jump, without telling them to do it,” said the man whose inspiration for songs comes from “real-life experiences and day-to-day realities”.After that night, the artiste, who was influenced by veterans like Richard Stoute, Tony Grazette, Mac Fingall, RPB and Gabby, said the preparations began.“I went to C. Spring Inc. to organize what I wanted to do. Initially, I wanted to use all male street dancers. Then I found out that there was a new dance group working with Danny Hinds who is a fantastic choreographer. “After having a conversation with him about my ideas for the song, I realised that I could not only use male dancers. So, I used all male dancers for the first verse and all female dancers for the second, and then combined them for the end of the song,” he said.When Blood started his career, his successful journey resembled the “stars and moon”. He said today he was still looking at the “stars and moon”. This is why the producer sees his future as “now and bright”.“I don’t have a real preference. Each [piece of music] is different, and the approach is different, and the crowd is different. Once I have good material, I do my best. I deal with what I have to deal with at the time.  “But, I do the party music more often because I only really sing social commentary during the Crop-Over season. I just love making people happy with my music. “People appreciate what I have offered this year, and I feel like each year I improve.”The founding member of the now dissolved Square One band has worked hard to develop the careers of other artistes such as Katalyst, Pong, Contone and now Mikey. When asked how helping these young entertainers aided him in his own development, he said he had looked to them for change and innovation. “I advise them always to be true to themselves, strive for excellence, and love and respect the music first and foremost. Respect the music and the music will respect you in turn. Once you treat the music right it will pay off. “A lot of people want instant fame and fortune. When they are not getting what they want, they begin to get frustrated,” said the owner of Reddhead Records Inc. and Studio Tonedef.And when it comes to his newly founded Soca Kartel band, Blood wants it to last for as long as Anesta HENRY


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