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NEW DAWN – Putting out smoke


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THERE IS a Mother Goddess after all!Barbados has finally banned smoking in public places.This is something I campaigned for from about 30 years ago, and I am glad Dr Tony Gale lived to see the day.By that time I was educated as to the dangers of smoke, especially side-stream, but I believe I was personally damaged from infancy.My father was a chain-smoker supreme. He smoked while in the shower. If he put a cigarette in an ash tray in one room and walked to another and had to spend over 30 seconds there, he had to light another one.I made dolls’ furniture out of cigarette boxes glued together. How sick was that?I believe my long list of allergies is directly connected to my father being Smoky Unbearable. He and my mother got divorced when I was four. If not, I would probably have had asthma for many decades, rather than just recently.As for those who are trying to delay implementing the healthy ban by arguments . . . a public place is anywhere other than your residence. However, if you have children or non-smokers in the house, then it is still best, if you care about their health, to go outside to smoke.Those who live in apartments or rooms within a shared building should never smoke inside as the smoke of one tenant will waft into the area used by others. Hotels and guest houses need to have no-smoking floors/rooms and no-smoking restaurants and bars.Those who own or manage no-smoke buildings should get lower insurance rates.People once had the manners to ask if you minded if they smoke. Now, they just light up, and blow up the whole place with toxic fumes.It is a form of health terrorism that should have been penalised ever since. Smoke-related cancers, heart diseases, strokes, and respiratory illnesses wiped out more people in recent decades than suicidal maniacs.The heavy smokers – including those who regularly choke down massive spliffs of loco weed from youth to maturity – believe they are starkly sane and often rant and rave about their right to smoke and how they know people who lived to 104 puffing away as voluntary chimneys.Yeah, right! But exit to your right. Go somewhere where only you can be affected by your ghastly, smelly, smoke. If there was a food or a supplement with as many harmful side-effects, it would have been banned long ago.Smokers get used to the stinky smell, but even after they smoke outside a building, or in the open air and they come into an office or a bus, you can still have your senses bombarded with the stench. Suck a mint, will ya!Many tourists come from countries with smoking bans.Bans don’t stop smoking addicts, but at least the assaults on non-smokers are controlled, and even helps them to cut down how much they do, as they have to seek opportunities and places to do their foul deeds.So suck it up and get with the public programme.Dawn Morgan is a NATION senior reporter (Advertising) who encourages you not to make an ash of yourself on earth, since your Foot may be On Fyah if you Go Dung in the afterlife.

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