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PUDDING & SOUSE – Hail the all boys’ club


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People have been paying close attention to the actions of a certain media man, who does not hide his dislike for the fairer sex and continues to surround himself with men of like mind.
The smooth-talking dude has been using his managerial position to bring in every Tom, Dick and Harry, who, like him, are part of the all boys club.
And even though he does not associate with them on the job, people have spotted him in other Caribbean countries, as well as in Miami, walking the streets and holding hands with some of the young, let’s call them, music lovers.
While this man obviously has a lot of influence at his workplace, employees want to know if management has turned a blind eye to his very blatant actions when it comes to hiring staff. They want to know if management has even noticed that no women have been hired since he took over a few years ago.
The love of money
They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, but a certain well connected and influential individual must be holding his head in shame over the actions of his son.
It seems that their love of money must be running in their blood.
Puppet on a string
A community in the east is very concerned about one of its own who not too long ago got married to a woman who resembles a witch.
Residents believe that this woman has turned him foolish and bewitched to the extent that whatever she orders him to do he has to do.
He has even turned his back on his two children, whom he once doted on, as well as his family members. Rumour has it that she has been telling her friends that she will not rest until she gets his apartments and he ends up in the Psychiatric Hospital.
What is so shocking about this situation is that this man, who is law-abiding, does not have the ability to have his wife arrested for fraudulently marrying him and stealing everything he worked so hard to achieve.
Gold-digger on prowl
Some women can be downright deceptive.
Take, for instance, this golddigger who is extremely greedy and is always horning women if she believes that their man can get her out of debt and put her in a house.
She even had the gall to horn a woman who lives in the same gap where she lives, and who recently had a baby.
But she is in for a rude awakening because this new lover boy has no money because he has to pay off his huge child support debt.
We hope it will not take too long for her to realise that she has met her match – but it may not be a problem for either of them since birds of a feather flock together.
Guard of shame
The security guard who likes to walk around with a Bible under his arm has struck again.
This time he is making the life of a hard-working employee very uncomfortable.
He has been walking around telling a lot of lies on this poor woman in the hopes of getting her fired.
Colleagues want him to open his black book for once, since they are not convinced that it contains the word of God.
They say this man does not have one Christian bone in his body even though he professes to be a big church member.

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