Kelly-Ann laid to rest


“My mummy looks pretty here,” said four-year-old Khalia as she pointed to pictures of Kelly-Ann Welch, one of the victims of the Campus Trendz fire on September 3. 
And Shari Alleyne, who read the eulogy with a strong voice, said her cousin was a loving, vibrant, optimistic and jovial young lady who loved to laugh.
These views of two who knew Welch well were expressed at Christ Church Parish Church yesterday during her funeral service.
“Her laugh could be heard from near or far,” Alleyne added, “and that is one distinctive thing we could never forget, along with her love for photos.
“And she would always ask ‘Wunna, my nose greasy?’ before striking her favourite pose. One of Kelly’s wishes was to see Khalia and her little cousin Travis, who was like a son to her, off to school and to also see Khalia grow into an independent young lady, which will be honoured by her family and friends.”
Canon Austin Carrington, in his sermon, said that people often sought security measures to protect themselves but failed to equip themselves with knowledge on howto get out.
“We may try very hard to secure ourselves within our homes but there are times when we try so hard that we can become our own prisoners. Therefore it must be important for us not only to find ways by which we can secure ourselves but ways in which we can escape.” Later, as scores huddled around the grave, Khalia was spotted showing other children pictures of her mother in the programme.
Pointing to the pictures, with an innocent voice she said: “That’s my mummy . . . that’s my mummy . . . this is my mummy when she was getting me.” (AH)


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