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PEP COLUMN: We support the Rally For Peace, Healing


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The People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) would like to use this weekly newspaper column to give support to the National Rally For Peace And Healing which is being held at 3 p.m. tomorrow at Jubilee Gardens in Bridgetown.
The Campus Trendz tragedy, in which six beautiful young women had their lives callously and cruelly extinguished, has had a severe and traumatic impact on the collective psyche of the Barbadian people.
This unprecedented tragedy struck extremely close to home, and generated much pain, anguish, bitterness and grief in the loyal sons and daughters who love this country and have the interest of Barbados at heart.
There is therefore an immediate and pressing need for healing – national healing – and it is our hope that a line-up of speakers and performers that includes Monsignor Vincent Blackett, Paula Hinds, indrani, Richard Stoute, Tamara Marshall, Charles Odell, Adonijah, Nalita Gajadhar and Queen Asheba Trotman will be able to administer a spiritual and psychological balm to hurting souls.
Our country also needs to view the Campus Trendz tragedy as a national wake-up call, and to rise up to the onerous task of engaging in critical national self-examination in order to identify those areas of our social and cultural life that have gone off track and that now require attention and rectification.
And it is our hope that a line-up of speakers and performers that includes Stedson RPB Wiltshire, David Comissiong, John King, Anthony Gabby Carter, Miles Muhammad, Bobby Clarke, Marcia Graham (Director of Paredos) and Adrian Greene will be able to help us to see a little more clearly into some of the social maladies that we now have to overcome.
The PEP also welcomes the fact that the organisers of the rally – a group of concerned citizens that has adopted the name Brothers And Sisters For Peace And Healing In Barbados – had the wisdom to emphasise the “national” and all-inclusive nature of the event by inviting Deputy Prime Minister the Honourable Freundel Stuart, and the Leader of the Opposition the Honourable Mia Mottley to address the rally.
Also to be commended is the decision to include among the speakers, representatives of the St Vincent and Guyana Associations of Barbados. It has not escaped our attention that among the six young women were one Guyanese and one Vincentian. We therefore acknowledge that there are Guyanese and Vincentian families hurting and grieving just as much as we are.
Another highlight of this event is that a collection will be taken up on behalf of the families of the victims of the Campus Trendz tragedy. And it is our understanding that the actual taking up of the collection will be left in the very capable hands of the Lions Club (South) of Barbados.
But perhaps the single most outstanding feature of tomorrow’s event is that the organisers will be asking members of the audience to subscribe their names and commit themselves to participating in at least one future social project that will set out to tackle and correct a major social problem in Barbados, in the names of, and in perpetuation of the memories of the six female victims. In this way the priceless lives of young Nikkita, Pearl, Kellishaw, Shanna, Kelly-Ann and Tiffany will be given added value and meaning!


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