Sunday, April 14, 2024

Loss of Sam Lord’s


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Nation online readers are sad over the loss of one of Barbados’ national treasures.When fire broke out at Sam Lord’s Castle late Wednesday evening, readers posted comments expressing not just sadness, but shock that the palatial property was destroyed.Some said it was a tragedy, while others recalled the fond memories of visits to the hotel.The following are just some of the comments posted on the Nation’s Facebook page and the website.- A very significant piece of Barbados’ history has been lost with the destruction of this historic building. This is very sad.- I’m very sad about losing Sam Lord’s Castle because it brings back a lot of memories. I even have a photo standing on the steps of the building”.- There needs to be an investigation. I cannot understand how an empty building can go up in flames. When will we as Barbadians stand up against this nonsense of anyone destroying our history. We all know that fire did not start on it’s own and someone should be held accountable for it and make that place at least a national site or a park for the people to prevent any type of development.- So very sad to see such an historic building burn. It reminds me of the time Farely Hill burnt. We should do more to protect our historic buildings.-  It’s a disgrace what happened to Sam Lord’s in recent years. I remember going there for the day on one of my first visits to Bim (Barbados). It really was rather grand I must say, although not my cup of tea for a whole holiday. What an absolute sin to see it end like this. – I grew up near Sam Lord’s and used to play on the grounds. We always got chased by the gardeners. What a shame it’s been burnt down.- Sam Lord’s is a national heritage building and the property was left to rot and fall apart. From the building to the landscape, it was in utter ruins. This was one of my favourite buildings in Barbados, as I am sure it is for so many of us. Those responsible for allowing Sam Lord’s to deteriorate in the first place, ought to be held accountable. I’m beyond upset about this entire situation.


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