FLYING FISH & COU COU Group waiting to exhale


A grouping is delighted at the turn of events. In an informal setting during the week, one operative was overheard saying that maintaining a certain dispensation would be much easier now. The rationale is that they have more ammunition now than they had on the previous person.
Other than certain questions, they said they had nothing on the departed.
Cou Cou understands that there is a treasure chest of files stretching all the way from Trinidad and Tobago just waiting for the appropriate time to come spilling out.
Waste not, want not
Some at a major institution have been telling their boss that he needs to be more prudent with respect to spending what he is always calling for – more money, more money, more money.
If making money, saving money and productivity are so important, they say, then greater consideration needs to be given to not wasting money ­ – especially when it is not your own.
Apparently, the accounts department is livid after getting the boss’ cellular phone bill for one month. His employer pays the bill, which came to the kind of money the maid does not make in five months.
Cheques and balances
WORD is that a politico from the Land of the Hummingbird has delivered a number of cheques and documents to an individual in the Land of the Flying Fish that could cause the political burial of a local operative.
Some in the twin-island republic have been unsuccessfully looking for holes in which to hide since certain shenanigans were brought to light. And it is possible that another individual quite close to home will be looking for a hole to hide in within the next two years.
Cou Cou knows who he is but will not be telling – yet.
Who cares about gender
SOME ARE WONDERING why a certain in-house organisation did not throw its support behind one of its own. While the men were sharpening their knives and going
for the jugular, the women remained silent and said nothing as the wolves closed in.
Some have suggested that politics possesses more potency than gender. The events that unfolded suggested they are right.
Stick to the facts
A certain important professional has been warned to stop politicising the office under his control and to simply report the facts.
Several people have noticed that is words are usually slanted in a particular direction, a situation hitherto never practised by any of his predecessors.
He has been told that his is a tenuous position, determined by who is holding the reins, and to burn bridges in this dispensation could lead to unemployment in another.
He should perhaps heed the words of the late Jack Webb [Joe Friday] in the movie Dragnet: “Just the facts.”
Hatchet man
THE hatchet has not been buried between two foes and their seeming union is simply an unholy marriage of convenience.
While one might be seeking a particular position, the other is simply looking to position his office strategically.
Insiders are saying that he will always be prepared to plunge the proverbial knife.
Money matters
WORD ON THE STREET is that the reduction of a certain account from $500 000 to less than $200 000 and the placement of $700 000 on an account where it should not have gone, as raised certain questions.
It is understood that funds which were for the many were used for the few, and therein lies the dilemma.


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