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PUDDING & SOUSE – Parents hopping mad


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PARENTS AND GUARDIANSof children who attend a certain primary school in the east want to know why the school has been suspending these young children left, right and centre for every infraction they commit.
It has become so bizarre that a child in the nursery school was sent home for two weeks for being hyperactive.
Parents have raised the matter at a PTA?meeting and are planning to send a signed letter to officials at the Ministry of Education, letting them know that this new practice will not be tolerated.
The parents say that instead of punishing these young ones in such a harsh manner the school should be examining why the academic standards have fallen so low and why after the last 11-Plus results so many students were referred to special schools.
Angry parents believe that their children are being punished for the failure of the staff. But they want the principal to know that taking it out on the poor children is not the solution.
Caught off-guard
CERTAIN?REVELATIONS this week have led to a lot of high-level boardroom meetings.
It seems that some people in high places were caught off-guard by the utterings of a very influential, but arrogant, man.
Pudding and Souse understands that telephones were ringing non-stop between some individuals who are now strategising and preparing their own defence.
For sure, only big-wig lawyers will be hired to carry this fight because no one wants to be the one going down into this big, dark hole.
Things heating up
THINGS HAVE not turned out rosy for a non-national woman who recently came to Barbados to be with her Bajan husband.
It was the first time that the man’s family and friends were seeing the bride, even though the two had been supposedly married for over a year. But instead of welcoming her with open arms, everyone has been giving her the cold shoulder.
Even the man’s mother, who has barely spoken to her since she arrived, gave her a piece of her mind by letting her know that two women can’t live in the same house. She went as far as to tell the poor woman that she was too fat to stay in the house with her and her son.
And one would have thought that this man would have stood up for his wife, but instead he has been avoiding home and would not even comfort her when she was in tears.
His family have been telling people in the neighbourhood that they are not accepting any woman who has straight hair into their family and they want to know what is going to become of the man’s staunch woman and two children.
But little do they know that wifey is planning to return to her homeland. She confided to a friend that her Bajan husband is nothing but a liar because he told her that he had a big job, fancy car and nuff money. She did not expect to come here and live in a tiny house with him and his mother; neither did she know that all he did was sell cigarette wrappers and lime on the block.
Two peas in a pod
A MARRIED WOMAN who works in a Government department is no longer playing hide-and-seek games with her lover, who works in the same department.
The two of them were constantly sneaking around together, but it seems that they have finally realised from all the remarks their colleagues were dropping that everyone knew about heir secret affair.
Now both of them have become like two peas in a pod. They are both sporting bald heads, they sit next to each other in the office, and they hang out together at lunchtime either in the yard or at a nearby shop.
To top it off, her entire demeanour has also changed. Her skirts have become extremely short and it seems that her mammary endowments are always popping out of her blouses.


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