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Hip Hop festival takes off


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The Barbados Hip Hop Festival held on Saturday, October 23, was a success, according to promoter and organiser of the festival, Ronnie Morris, even though the show was confined to a 200-seat room at the Savannah Hotel.
Most of the rappers came out and enjoyed themselves in the cool, laid-back setting before an extremely supportive crowd. The ElevaXion Dancersz opened the show with a skilful dance routine, before Carron, backed by Nathan Mack, came on to commence the hip-hop head-bopping, performing It’s On.
Toni Norville was up next, adding a bit of R&B to the mix as she sang her hit song Whatever. Following her, accompanied by John Kwest, was Nick Francis. He had the crowd in stitches with his confidence and urban charisma, as he demanded more vocal support from the audience, declaring “If I was Chris Brown or Jay-Z, wunna would be keeping noise . . . . Come on, man!”.
After this, the decibels rose as the crowd showed their love for Francis throughout his three-song performance, especially when he did Facebook.
Jae Yung, Scofield & Tina J, Mysta Graham and Duvaunte were to follow before Black Glove, a group of five young men, had their time to shine, and they did it blindingly.
They were able to get a number of audience members out of their seats, and commanded a roaring crowd response so loud that at times it was difficult to hear what they were saying.
Another rapper who did a very good job was Rosay Kool, who brought the crowd to their feet, as he heated up the stage with Imma Do Me and Solo Party.
Nickman was up next, and he was followed by the 808 Dancers, who did a commendable job, and singer Ayana John, who spontaneously invited Danny Reid on stage to perform with her.
J Rhymez, one of the youngest rappers to perform on the night, used the stage like it was his home, as he seamlessly swaggered on and off during his performance, often switching the pace and rhythm of his flow, thus keeping the rap interesting.
Azman, the creators of fling, followed, and before they even said a word, the audience sent out a deafening roar, and even flung along to some of the songs in the short, but very impactful set.
Some of the other talent on the night were multiple Barbados Music Award winner, Ruby Tech, who performed with  SiSi Jo; H-Town, Bonnie Deveido, Most Wanted, Entourage The Family, Storm, Jafar & Mona Neesa, Prolifik, and M.Y.G.
However, while the performances were commendable, the event left a bitter taste in the mouths of some of the artistes present. WE had a chance to speak to some of them after the show, and one of their concerns was the quality of the sound system.
Frustration was also shown by Sunrokk, the last performer on the night, who free-styled about his disappointment with the organisation of the event, and the fact that there were no “record execs” present, as advertised online.
One of the performers posted after the show: “I just wanna say thank [you] for another memory.” Another stated: “I think the line-up could’ve been better organised, amongst some other things . . . . But there was actually an event held for HIP HOP… [Thanks for] that.”


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