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DLP COLUMN: Reflections


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Mia Mottley stood her ground and spoke her mind, despite knowing that her actions would have contributed to the Barbados Labour Party’s [BLP] defeat at the polls next time around.
    The recently concluded BLP conference has bared naked their bones. Mia’s withdrawal from the race of chairmanship was met with great applause. The viewers on the local Channel 8 are still wondering if the applause was in support or if they were happy she was withdrawing.
The fractured elements within the Roebuck Street grouping have exposed themselves under the guise of democracy. We started out with a democratic process electing a new Opposition Leader at a privately called meeting in Prior Park.
As a result of this meeting, a prepared letter, one week old and signed by the parties of common interest, found its way onto the front page of the local newspaper and up to the corridors of Government House. Then, we heard the charges of vote tampering occurring within particular branches.  
There were the public words of war between Mia and George Payne over the issue of the chairmanship of their party. In an effort to maintain the track record of the democratic process, the senators were fired publicly with one contemplating his future.  
The elders got involved and that fell on deaf ears. Don’t mention the fact that “Tallboy” could not vote. When the dust settled Owen Arthur had won the battle. Owen went in and caused pure confusion only because he has a problem with Mia, as he publicly admitted to a Nation journalist.  
He managed to get his party adversary George Payne to publicly endorse him. Owen went into Opposition, took the time to craft a plan that embarrassed Mia while capturing the imagination of Payne. Along with Payne came his sidekick, Mia’s former deputy, Dale Marshall. He knew for the price
of one he could get two. The fascinating phenomenon that unfolded was done with the help of the media. The seed Owen planted by attacking Mia’s leadership style publicly caused her to respond by placing her office at the disposal of her members on an annual basis.
We saw the double-take by Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, William Duguid, on the day that sealed the fate of Mia as Opposition Leader. He posed in pictures with Owen and was seen with Mia.
We all know of the torrid relationship that Owen had with Dr Duguid. He was never in favour of the said individual in Christ Church West but as fate had it William Duguid came through as the candidate.
Duguid’s departure must not be taken lightly. It is evident to us that he had a crystal ball and knew that he would not want to be any part of a future Opposition under Owen Arthur.  
With Mia’s heart ripped out, he then offered her life support by publicly claiming he has great admiration for her and that they needed to work together. These sentiments were not expressed from the Hill when he gave that candid interview about her leadership style. He is now Opposition Leader and so he needs her now.
Oh please!!! These reflections of the past couple weeks make you wonder about what drives the animal in a person to want to destroy a comrade for the sake of office . . . oops,  I meant power.

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