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They say that there is a Barbadian everywhere. Recently that applied to this year’s Super Bowl, where Andrew Quarless, grandson of  Barbadian Duncan Quarless, played in his first championship game for the Green Bay Packers.
Easy Magazine recently caught up with his proud grandfather who was vacationing in Barbados. The beaming Quarless, who is now retired, watched the game with friends at the Ship Inn. He often fought back tears during his interview, describing the pride he felt watching his grandson play.
Andrew is the son of Duncan’s eldest son, Duncan Jr.    
“From early on when Andrew was a student at Uniondale High School in Long Island, he just had this natural ability,” his grandfather said.  
That ability earned him the attention of scouts and about 10 offers for college scholarships.
“Duncan Jr., is a chemistry professor who always insisted upon academic development with his children,” his father said. “Even when Andrew was looking for a college, his father made sure he went to a school that stressed academics as well as sports, so he chose Penn State where Andrew could work with the coach, Joe Paterno.”  
What made watching his grandson excel in the Super Bowl especially touching, was knowing the problems he had early on at university.  
“Andrew got into some trouble with the law during his first two years. He started to drink and got stopped by the police for a DWI (driving while intoxicated),” his granddad recalled of that difficult period.  
After some intervention from himself and Andrew’s father, they managed to get him help and he turned himself around.  
“Andrew graduated from Penn State with an above 90 grade point average,” Duncan said. “He hasn’t had a drink in the last two years.”  
For Duncan knowing the hardships his grandson faced and seeing his performance throughout the season, his grandfather couldn’t help but be proud. 
When his grandson was picked by the Green Bay Packers in the NFL draft, both father and grandfather were elated.  
“He got a contract for $500 000,” his grandfather said proudly. “Recently he was offered a new contract with the Packers for $2 million plus incentives.  
For Duncan, his grandson is continuing a tradition of excellence among his children.  
Duncan, who boasts of being a former Combermerian, has lived the majority his life in New York. He has been married three times but still plays a strong role in the lives of his children, through they all have thriving lives. 
“All six of my children have degrees with professions,” says  Duncan. “It’s  a pleasure to look at my kids all over the world without them depending on me and it’s nice to see them doing well.”  While Andrew has never been to Barbados yet, his grandfather talks fondly of the time they have spent together, and that he went to see him play during the season.  
“I have a photo that Andrew sent me and he wrote, “Grandpa thanks for all that you did for me,” Duncan said with his eyes welling up with tears.


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