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I CONFESS: Kiss of death from best friend


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NOBODY LIVES LIFE as we know and understand it more than once. If we did, the world would be a better place as people, having learnt from their mistakes the first time, would never repeat similar errors in their second life.
I know Christians talk about life after death, and as I believe in God I think that happens in Heaven, but not here on earth. It can’t be happening here, given all the wickedness that people do.
Though I am only 29 years of age, I have come to realize that few people are genuine, and the things you hear about are often the agenda of some interest groups, but rarely the best way to go about things.
Dealing with the second one first, take the long talk raging now about food prices. When the Barbados Labour Party was in power, the Democratic Labour Party had all the answers, and they said that the Government and business people were close. So me and the majority of Bajans voted in the Dems to deal with the situation.
Now they are saying it is an international problem and people should go back to kitchen gardens to help feed themselves. That was the same thing Owen Arthur was saying and they led us to believe he was not being truthful. That is what I mean about people only pushing their agenda to satisfy their interests, but making everybody feel they care.
As for people not being genuine, that is the rule rather than the exception; and women, not men, are the greatest offenders. I say so because any woman with basic common sense knows that what most men want is sex. They don’t really want to be your friend or to be helpful and caring. They may say so, but what they truly want is to get between your legs.
Women on the other hand are like the devil. They get you to trust them because they actually help and give you good advice. They make you feel comfortable and believe in them, then their true colours show.
Their bad-minded, wicked, underhand ways come slithering through as they manipulate you to do whatever they want to further their interests, all the while giving the impression that what they are encouraging you to do is best for you.
My experience with a woman I regarded as my best friend has taught me this truth. And the trusted fool that I was only realized how much I had been duped when everything went wrong. I would never forget it.
I am speaking out about this because people need to know how these vipers operate. Imagine, this woman, who was my supervisor, took me under her wing at work. I was young, had a child to support, few family and friends willing to help, and was badly in need of guidance.
This woman took a liking to me and made sure I knew how to do the work well. She helped me organize myself with the court to get child support, encouraged me to save money with the credit union, and even brought to work enough food so I could get some of hers.
More than all of this, she used to listen to me and made me feel for the first time in my life that somebody really cared about me.
As far as I was concerned this woman was the mother, big sister and friend I always wanted and never had. I would have done anything for that woman because she had set me on a path to develop myself to become independent.
Our relationship began to unravel nearly three years ago when we got a new manager. He seemed to come in with a mission to cut staff. He picked at the supervisors and within seven months the only one left was my friend. A few workers also went during that time. But my friend told me she was not scared as she wanted to get paid out.
However, when the manager began to focus on our section and began to pick at us too, my friend started talking to us really sternly. It was as if she was a different person. When I asked her why she behaved like that, she told me she was going along with him for now and all we had to do was to get on with our work as things would be okay.
That was not what happened though. Instead, six of the eight girls in my section, including me, were laid off. The evening I was called to the office and told this, my friend was there with the manager and the human resource person. That meant she knew but said nothing to me. I felt hurt but realized that as a supervisor she could not disclose the company’s business so.
After I went home I would have to call her as she stopped calling. And when I did hear her, she was often too busy to talk to me.
The next thing that happened was that she got the senior supervisor post. She never even hinted that to me. Then when the company needed a few temporary workers, I was still not working but she never chose me.
In fact, she never even mentioned it. When I asked her why she didn’t help me out, she said it was time I got on with my own life and stopped depending on her.
The reason why she behaved that way was because a month or so before I was laid off, she kissed me on my lips. I was disgusted by it and told her so, and her attitude changed after that. So the only reason she did everything for me was to get up to me. That never crossed my mind, given she is a woman, but it only shows how you never really know anybody.


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