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Some parents failing youth


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Parents have been given a harsh tongue lashing by some who feel they are failing the youth of this country.
Following comments from Archbishop of the West Indies Dr John Holder who said promiscuity and obscene behaviour by some young children is due to the lack of supervision in the home, many Nation readers agreed with the head of the Anglican church and were quick to add their views.
They believe adults need to take heed, recognizing children were the future. Some readers urged parents to recognize that they are in fact “teachers” who have an important role to play in their children’s lives. Some also believed that economic difficulties placed some parents in the position where they had to hand over their parental duties to others. Here are some of the comments shared on the Nation’s Facebook page.
Corinne Bowen-Clarke: “Christ out of the home, Christ out of the church, Christ out of the schools. The devil will find work for idle hands and minds lacking the code of moral conduct. This is the Nation’s problems. Adults need to take heed, these children are our future.
Rachel Barton: “It is easy to place blame on “problem homes” but maybe if the Government would take a look at the cost of living in Bim and realize that both parents have to be out working and that children are left to their own devices they would realize that this is an issue for all not just some”.
Sherrie Bumbray: “There are several contributing factors (when it comes to this issue): loss of community – we don’t take care of one another anymore – no stigma attached to teenagers having children out of wedlock, older boys or in some cases grown men victimizing young girls, and the lack of education which creates a vicious cycle of poverty.”
Luka Alisia: “Can we get a survey to determine the amount of adult material kids are watching and hours unsupervised, and compare to a similar survey a few years ago? How can you know, across a whole population, what is going on? My instincts are that kids are probably just as unsupervised and watching just as many adult things five years ago. It’s not a new crisis. There are probably more “problem homes” than otherwise in the island. Every family I know has its issues.
“Other than that, the basic argument is somewhat true that the “lack of supervision in the homes leads to obscene behaviour”. The only problem is that it is not just supervision, as if your children are simply inmates for you to see that they are kept in line. “They are growing, intelligent, sensitive humans, and parents are their most important teachers. If parents discuss moral issues and talk with their kids lovingly, respectfully and honestly, I think that would be way more effective than just supervising. Also, trying to get your kid involved in an extra curricula activities or groups while you cannot be home is a really good idea. Even a simple regular meeting of a few youths (even 2 or 3) to discuss news issues could be beneficial. Kids are not your enemies, they are your future”.
Clarence Fields: “I hate this broad brush approach .A very high percentage of the kids in Barbados are respectful and loving. When I visit, the kids seem to be under control. From ancient times, the young are more adventurous. The 20 and 30 age seem to be the problem. When we were young we were not saints but the whole village helped to raise us. There were large families including brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts , uncles, neighbours and friends.

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