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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Hummuch is tummuch?


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You evuh stop to study wevver or not dis worl’ is a fair place? Some people got millions, no, billions o’ dollars, while ethuhs sleepin’ ’pon de streets.  
I axin’ yuh dis question ’cause I jes’ done readin’ de lis’ o’ names o’ de 2011 billionaires – 1 210 in all – an’ when yuh add up all de money dem people got, Lord have ‘Is mercy, de amounk run into trillions o’ dollars! An’ dese is “US dollars”, not “Bajan” ones, min’ yuh! Billions mean nuff, nuff money, but trillions? I cyhan even begin to t’ink ’bout de amounk o’ zeros at de en’, de t’ought alone mek muh head giddy!  
Yuh would ha’ to call dese persons de “super rich”! De present global economic state o’ affairs en got one t’ing to do wid duh lifestyle in any way! Bill Gates – we all know de name – may not be at de top o’ de lis’ dis year, but is still de riches’ man in Amurica wid 49 billion dollars! Dah top spot belonks to a Mexican, worf US$60 billion! Young fellas ’pon dis lis’ too. De Facebook CEO show we dat social networkin’ certainly payin’ off fuh he – could you imagine, at 26 years o’ age he worf ovuh 12 billion dollars – an’ ’e fella co-founders right up dey as well! Billionaires in de Asia-Pacific region growin’ at brek-neck speed – Russians, Chinese an’ Indians now also get ’pon dis lis’! No names from de Caribbean region ’pon it as yet, but don’ doubt God, one day comin’ soon!
De “super rich” live a life o’ ease, but it seem duh still fin’ time to gi’e ’way some o’ duh wealf to charities! Tek Bill Gates, once de riches’ man ’pon dis planet, over de years gi’e ’way mo’ dan a t’ird of ’is wealf to de foundation he set up to help de less fortunate in ethuh parts o’ de worl’! Mos’ o’ dis money does go to help wid global healf an’ development – tryin’ to eradicate polio an’ tuberculosis in countries dat still got dem problems! An’ we could fin’ ethuh “super rich” like he, puttin’ some o’ duh money to good use to help de onfortunate!   
Now Ness, I always hear dat “life is what you make it”, but I wonder ef we should tek dah phrase word fuh word! I ’gree wid it up to a p’int, but I still fin’ it difficult to accep’! When I look at all de street dwellers in India ketchin’ wuhevuh duh could day after day – de sidewalk is duh bed at night – as well as de t’ousan’s, dat fuh political or weavver reasons, force to roam ’bout de African continent, as well as de poor in ethuh places, even li’l Buhbayduss, I cyhan believe dese people mek summuch hardship fuh duhselves!
I suppose yuh would have to say dat a lot o’ de “super rich” had good ideas an’ put in a lot o’ hard wuk to get to de top o’ de tree, while ethuhs mighta start out wid a inheritance an’ buil’ ’pon it, but as far as I concern, howevuh duh get it, I still feel money does follow money, so de poor don’ stan’ de ghos’ o’ a chance to get out from onder! De poor jes’ get mo’ poor, while de rich keep gine from strengf to strengf!
Anyhow, at de en’, evuht’ing does even out.
De poor en got neffin to tek, and de rich cyhan tek anyt’ing duh got! We come in wid neffin an’ go out de same way! But I mus’ say, de time in-between, when we down hey, could really be enjoyable ef we had some millions in de bank! ‘Specially in dese days!
So yuh see, we really cyhan do neffin ’bout one t’ing but wait ’til de Lord decide to come fuh ’E worl’ an’ mek wrong t’ings right!                                  
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie


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