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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Left to fend for himself


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A CERTAIN MAN man has been put out to pasture, so to speak.
Last June he was at the forefront of an islandwide drive that came under scrutiny after parents and other providers complained that things were not going quite as planned.
Put simply, some people complained that all the Ts were not crossed and Is dotted – something that they hope will be the case now that a particular rural man has been put in charge.
As the saying goes, one swallow does not make a summer, but who would have expected that this grassroots man would be left camping out because of unpaid bills?
Heat on politico
Pressure is starting to build on a certain politico who may not be in bed with the right people.
For though this individual has been here over many years, apparently he still does not fit the bill.
And talking about bills, Cou Cou understands he may have to pay out quite a few Grantleys if he expects soldiers in the field to go out and get the help he needs to disrobe another favoured son of the area.
Guess this is a case where it is not enough just to preach, but to deliver on one’s promises.
Signs of the times.
In good grazing
A particular lawyer man who has been yearning for work in his field must now feel his loyalty has paid off.
The young and bright individual was apparently thinking of throwing in the towel when he got a shot in the arm, having been given a clean bill of health.
2011 may very well turn out to be his year.
Feeling boxed-in
Not being able to spread joy to the world has a certain individual quite upset.
Indeed, Cou Cou understands this fighter of sorts feels quite boxed in by the prevailing situation.
Maybe if she had better ringcraft, she might be flying over the high seas all like now.
Talk is cheap
He has been telling his supporters to hold strain, explaining that things are tight. But residents are not buying this talk – even if he is only driving a two-door vehicle.
The thing is this: it is not any ordinary two-door, but what residents are calling the best wheels that any black man would want to drive.
Moving on up When christened, he may not have been rich, but supporters of a certain party say he is getting there.
In fact, many of the faithful are questioning how he has come to get where he is so fast.
Maybe it has to do with his rural roots.
Breaking the code
There is a code of conduct that does not allow certain professionals to advertise their trade. Yet a certain well-known individual has been doing just that.
Cou Cou is not looking for a fight, but is prepared to spar with anyone who dares to break that code.
Temperature rising
Is it true that a certain politico has been advised to lie low until some  issues are settled?
This may be so, but the media menace is almost certain to bring the issue into the public’s domain. And if he does, it could be cat piss and pepper between him and the person holding down a certain position.
Stay tuned.


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