Mums gather to pray


A number of ills in society, namely suicide, abuse, bullying, demon possession and self-mutilation, have prompted the theme of this year’s Worldwide Mum’s Day Of Prayer.
Come Lay Your Children On The Altar is the focus of the fourth annual Worldwide Mum’s Day of Prayer, which took place today at Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church, Tudor Bridge, St Michael.
Expressing concern that the nation hides the more deviant behaviours in society, director of The Isaiah 55 Centre for Spiritual and Developmental Training, Cassandra Bowen said in her address, “We are a nation of secrets because no one wants them to get out, but soon the time is coming when all secrets will be exposed and those not in Christ will not know where to hide.”
Bowen said the purpose of the event was to gather mothers to pray for the nation’s children regardless of denomination.
“It is always important for mothers to pray for their children because we need to have protection for the children in light of HIV/AIDS and drugs. (CA)


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