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Big up de Caribbean Super Station!


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Welcome to the CSS, the Caribbean Super Station, 97.5 FM, the most unique radio station ever created in the history of radio in the Caribbean. Unique because it is the first ever network radio station to be heard ’bout here and heard in eight countries at the same time.
Last Friday dem boys and girls in the OCM Network show why dem is the leaders in media not only ’bout here but in TnT and other countries where dem does operate.They does come different whenever dem doing things. Imagine launching a radio station in Oistins Friday night and mashing up de place, causing traffic jams in every direction. Talk ’bout impact!
What de Vendor did like is de fact that OCM decide to launch the station where de people located. Dem decide that iffing you launching a Caribbean radio station fuh Caribbean people that dem tekking it to where de people is, and where de people does be pun a Friday night but in Oistins!
Sweet fuh days. Go to the top of de class, OCM. Wunnah is boss! So de same big-ups get to mingle wid de people, literally mingle, shoulder to shoulder,supporting de small man at the same time – boss move!
And so de Vendor did get to meet top radio personalities from de OCM Network, meet and greet de chairman of de group, Sir Fred Gollop, and Yvonne Lady Gollop, de OCM Group CEO Dawn Thomas (she real young and good-looking too!), Dr Phillips, Mrs Gittens, Mrs Bolai, Mr Purcell and other big guns. Imagine, too, seeing entertainers like Adrian Clarke, Blood and de big dawg heself, Mac Fingal, up there celebrating de start of the CSS.
But what I did really appreciate was meeting some of de team that pun de air. De fella they calling Big George. He is what you would call an upsize kinda fella and I would want to cross he.
I understand why he name Big George. He real funny too and a voice that sweet fuh days.
De morning man Just Jas, he got muscles all in he ear lobes and he wearing de shirts to show de muscles. A good-looking man, too, and de ladies did flocking round he like bees to honey!
And then there was my girl Miss Nicky Crosby. Yes, the said-same Nicky Crosby, de funny lady. I like she, fuh real. Dis station is one fuh Caribbean peoples, hundred per cent Caribbean music, hundred per cent Caribbean news and public affairs, a station dat people in eight countries could listen to at the same time.
Imagine dat when you run a radio advertisement dat peoples all over dis region hearing it at the same time, the same song, de same news. Imagine you got a lady friend in St Kitts and you get Big George to send she adedication and you and she listening to it at de same time, connected by de CSS radio station.
And le me tell wunnah something: Do what wunnah have to do and don’t worry bout the naysayers. Half of dem only jealous that them could not come up wid the idea in the first place and even iffing them did they wouldn’t know how to get it done!
I Market Vendor gone fun now; you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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