Drop of price in juice


THERE IS good?news?for?shoppers reeling from high prices: the cost of one item has been reduced.
The distributors of Jubilee Morning Orange Drink announced a reduction in the price of the product with immediate effect.
This follows a decision by the Customs & Excise Department to roll back by half the 40 per cent duty it had imposed on the drink. The product, which is widely used by restaurants, hotels, bars and a number of tourism-related businesses, was unavailable for at least six weeks as Customs held the product in the Bridgetown Port. This led to protests by some people depending on the juice while Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler and Minister of Commerce Senator Haynesley Benn also spoke on the issue.  
A meeting held between Customs and SBI Distribution Inc. in February resulted in the distributor paying  the higher duty on 2 400 cases of the juice.  
Now, SBI Distribution said that in a letter earlier this month Customs agreed that three types of Jubilee drinks were reduced and as a result customers who had purchased the items at the higher price were now entitled to a refund on presentation of their original invoice.
“SBI Distribution Inc. would like to thank its valued and loyal customers for their patience and understanding during the time that Jubilee Morning Drink was being analysed,” the distributors said in a statement appearing in this paper.



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