Pickup truck flips over


Four people were visibly shook-up after a three-vehicle accident yesterday.
The accident, which occurred around 11 p.m, took place on Highway 5 between Brighton and Lower Greys and involved two cars and one pickup truck
The driver of one car was Che Goring of Newton Terrace, Christ Church. The two people inside the pickup truck were Patrick Kinch, 38, and Abigail Kinch, 30, of Featherbed Lane, Kendall, St John. The driver of the third car could not be identified.
The accident reportedly took place when one car travelling south from the St Luke’s Anglican Church area collided with the pickup truck at the four cross intersection along Highway 5. The truck then travelled approximately 30 metres where it rolled over and landed on another car.
Police were called to the scene.
Nobody was seriously hurt. (LM)


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