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Shiv still swinging: Accuses WICB of trying to retire him


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Discarded West Indies star batsman Shivanarine Chanderpaul isn’t done with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) just yet, and has accused it of attempting to retire him.
The Guyanese left-hander fired another salvo over the weekend in the recent war of words with the WICB, writing another letter to the regional cricket’s governing body.
In the letter he requested that the WICB officially investigate the recent statements made by Hilaire on a regional radio programme in which he questioned the discipline and application of West Indies players in the past 15 years.
Chanderpaul initially took umbrage to Hilaire’s radio comments, accusing the WICB boss of fingering him, and vowing to clear his name.
Hilaire, in response, claimed Chanderpaul was still part of the West Indies’ plans and a valued member of the team squad, and also urged the West Indies Players Association to act responsibly when it comes to regional cricket.
But in a letter dated April 29, Chanderpaul stepped up the pressure, accusing the WICB of asking him to retire from cricket, a request which he bluntly refused. 
“You [Hilaire] say that the selectors have informed you of their intention to finalize discussions with me on my future role within the team. 
“Since they are the ones who tried to force me to retire, I would think they should speak to me first,” Chanderpaul said in his strongly worded letter.  
“Now you are saying how valued I am. Both cannot be true and consistent with WICB policy,” the batsman argued. 
Along with claiming he was asked to retire and selectors were upset when he didn’t, Chandarpaul also said selectors informed him he would have to perform exceptionally well in regional cricket if he was to be selected to the West Indies team again. 
He added that coach Ottis Gibson had told him he hadn’t done anything for the team in the past 12 months, and that’s why he had been dropped.
The letter, the second in three days Chanderpaul has written to the board, was in direct response to Hilaire’s claims that he [Chanderpaul] remains a valued asset despite being dropped along with other senior members such as Chris Gayle and Ramnaresh Sarwan.
Sarwan was actually recalled yesterday to face Pakistan in the fourth One-Day International with the Windies trailing 3-0, having already lost the series. 
Chanderpaul also lambasted the board for its treatment of him after he was injured on last year’s tour of Australia.  
“The treatment towards me after the last Australian tour where after diving for a ball I got injured, and my treatment from the WICB physio was ineffective,” the diminutive batsman alleged. 
“I had to look after myself on my return home, including paying for all my medical expenses. 
“The WI team physio advised that what I required was rest, when in fact the doctors decided that I needed to have a cast because of the seriousness of the injury,” Chanderpaul added.
He also fired back at Hilaire’s advice to WIPA to act responsibly. “You also used the opportunity in the release to attack me personally, along with the WIPA. 
“I may not be a Dr Chanderpaul, but I have been a top-ranked international batsman and we have to be able to think critically under the most intense and stressful situations. 
“It is therefore distressing that you blame WIPA by implication, if not overtly, for my letter saying that WIPA was offering me ‘ill advice’. 
“You may not be aware but I have faced the best bowlers in the world in my career and I know how to counter-attack.  Furthermore, I am my own man and would ask that you respect that,” the left-hander hit back.
Chanderpaul firmly belives the WICB as a whole, should investigate Hilaire’s claims.  
“I have asked WIPA to take up this matter at the board level since, as far as I know, you [Hilaire] are an employee of the board, and not the board itself and to find out if the board supports the way I have been treated and the statements that you have made that give the impression that I am one of the people responsible for the decline of West Indies Cricket.  
“I have always tried to be humble and diligent and I would say that I never thought of myself as a superstar, so these remarks by you have caused me great emotional distress and public damage to my once sterling reputation,” Chanderpaul concluded. (BA)


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