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Wyclef: Man of the people


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Just a few months ago, Wyclef Jean was a Haiti presidential candidate hopeful. 
But last night at the Digicel Reggae Festival, at Farley Hill St Peter, he reminded Barbados that he was an artiste first. 
Upon taking to the stage, Wyclef, the festival’s final act, went straight to his fame-starting Fugee roots with the 15-year-old, yet still popular, Fu-Gee-La.
Ooooh la la la, Clef rocked real nice while doing his thing,
Ooooh la la la, Clef’s natural La had ’em ready to swing!
There was no doubt Refugee Camp was on The Hill.
As the heavens opened up ands sent water from above “The Preacher’s Son” proceeded to please in eclectic fashion by seamlesslessly mixing r&b, hip hop, reggae, pop and rock.
With rain beating down his face and shoulders He treated the crowd to some of his hits such as 9-1-1, If I was President and Hips Don’t Lie.
However, it was during Wyclef’s performance of Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) that he showed his stage-presence extended beyond the stage. 
In a move that demonstrated his comfort with the audience, Wyclef proved that he is “one of the people” by leaving the stage and going through the crowd – albeit atop the shoulders of his bodyguard. 
The crowd roared in approval, arms stretched out to touch Clef as he sang in their midst.It could be said without argument that Wyclef closed the festival in outstanding fashion.
Here, Wyclef getting close to his fans.


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