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No, I’m not cheating!!


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Why is it that men can never admit they are cheating? Your boyfriend’s whole programme has changed; the time he spends with you is being cut. He’s either working later or spending more time with the boys. Yet the strange phone calls haven’t gone unnoticed, and neither has the strange perfume on his clothes. But no matter how you question him, the answer is: “No, I’m not cheating.”
Burkett – Who wants to admit that they are cheating? Whether it’s a man or woman, the human instinct is to defend our negative actions, to hide when we are doing wrong. Who likes that feeling of guilt, especially when we hurt someone we profess to love? Some men, believe it or not, actually think of the consequences if their cheating ways are revealed: Will his woman leave him? What would other people think of him? And, of course, it goes back to the ego issue. Which man wants to do the wimp thing and tell his woman he has stepped out?
Wha Gine On Hey – I agree that no one likes to admit that they are cheating, but only a few men may think of the consequences. The majority of them only study the lies they will tell IF they get caught.
Sugar Baby – Some men don’t want to admit they are cheating because they know they have a good woman at home and don’t want to lose her. Yet they do all types of crap and can never admit it.
Wha Gine On Hey – I hate to say it, but men do seem to have insatiable appetites.
Marshall – I often wonder the same thing. Most men will go to the grave denying that they had an affair; even if visually seen by their partner, they will make it seem as though it’s nothing.
Wha Gine On Hey – It’s in their blood, babes. Why admit when you can turn around the tables and make it look otherwise?
Goblin Queen – Most men are habitual liars. They just can’t help it, even with facts being thrown in their faces. A friend of mine stated that he doesn’t want to hurt his girlfriend, so he lies to protect her feelings. My thing is, if it’s her feelings he cares about, why cheat? Everything that’s done in the dark always comes to light, so why risk? Do they have shame, especially when there is no way out of the lie? Remember the song Shaggy sang some years ago, It Wasn’t Me? I guess that’s their anthem.
We as women have to be on top of our game so that when the guys come with their stories, we would always be a step ahead. Remember a wise man can always play a fool’s part, but a fool could never ever play a wise man’s part.
Wha Gine On Hey – Spoken like a lady who is truly on top of the game. Women need to stay ahead.
Sunset Layne – I believe that it’s a built-in mechanism in men; it happens very naturally. It’s what makes them up. If he doesn’t do it, then he’s not a man, and men must maintain their ego. They are bent on cheating and they always will be.
Cee Cee – Men never cheat. They spread love and money amongst needy females. I somehow think men feel it is their civic duty to “share the wealth” but we condone it by not following our basic instincts. If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck – you know the saying. It is what it is!! So accept it and live with it or move on, because he’s not going to change. To him, he’s doing nothing wrong.
Wha Gine On Hey – All might not be sharing “wealth”. Some might be sharing “pittance”, but they do seem bent on having more than one partner.
Jewel – As a male friend once told me, the rule of thumb is admit nothing. If it were you, would you admit unless you were caught in a compromising position and couldn’t deny it???
Wa Gine On Hey – Rule of thumb wins hand down.
Shorty – They want to have their cake and eat it too, so they tell us sweet lies and most of us either believe or just accept what they say.
Wha Gine On Hey – Most women turn a blind eye because they believe they have the best man in the world and don’t want to lose him, but there are plenty of fish in the sea whether or not we want to believe it. Never allow a man to walk over you.
Petrified – Unless you are lucky to catch him in the act, a man will bring down heaven on earth that he is not cheating. The fact is many women don’t leave their men until they see them with the outside woman, so men will lie to keep the main woman.
Wha Gine On Hey – Outside Woman??? Some men tell lies whether it is inside or outside because they always have room on their plate for extras.
Queen B – It’s quite simple really. If he admits it, more than likely the woman will leave and he won’t be “cheating” anymore. He would no longer be able to have the best of both worlds. He can no longer have the wifey at home and the outside girl to give him what he wants as well, so therefore why admit? He is going to cover it up for as long as he can; he won’t risk admitting at all. A man knows that some women will believe every word they say, so they know that they can lie about everything. In all honesty, women can be like police – they can have all the evidence jumping out at them but they still want a confession. Finally, he won’t admit he is cheating because (maybe just maybe) there is nothing to admit and he is innocent.
Wha Gine On Hey – That’s correct, men like the best of both worlds but, as you said, even though the evidence is jumping out at us, we always want a confession. Believe it or not, it’s just a way of prolonging the relationship since most of us are too weak to move on.
Andrea – Some men figure they will hurt their spouses more if they admit. Others believe that if they admit, they are also admitting to themselves that they have done something wrong and the image of themselves that they project becomes a fallacy. It is also a power thing, so they see themselves as being the one in control of the relationship dictating the rules and so on. For them, women are weak and need direction and guidance. The leader can’t very well admit to a mistake – then the troops will lose respect and all hell will break loose.
Wha Gine On Hey – The sarcasm is killing me here!!


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