REDjet bound for Trinidad


REDjet is set to fly into Trinidad and Tobago from May 15.
Yesterday, REDjet officials led by chairman and CEO Ian Burns and Trinidadian government officials headed by Minister of Transport and Works Austin “Jack” Warner, held closed-door talks in the twin-island republic to facilitate the low fare airline landing there.
Last December director general of Trinidad and Tobago’s Civil Aviation Authority, Ramesh Lutchmedial, had informed Burns by letter that the carrier would be given a commercial licence to operate in Trinidad in accordance with the air services agreement with Barbados under three conditions.
These included Issuance of an Air Operations Certificate to REDjet by the Aeronautical Authorities of Barbados; compliance with the Trinidad and Tobago Air Navigation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations; and compliance with the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation [(No. 10) Foreign Operator] Regulations, 2004.  
In a media release following yesterday’s meeting, Burns said though REDjet now had the green light to operate, it would be unable to facilitate services from this Sunday. He said Warner had advised that the process would be completed for flights to start Sunday fortnight.
“Since December, REDjet has submitted the requested documentation and applications to the authorities of Trinidad and Tobago as it was confirmed by officials from the Civil Aviation Authority in the meeting today . . . .
“We are obviously extremely disappointed that 14 of our flights are affected by the decision and that consumers will be affected but are extremely pleased to receive the positive response from the minister,” Burns said.
He stressed that passengers on flights affected would be offered “re-accommodation” on later flights and a voucher for future travel. Burns added details of this were being emailed to passengers, posted on the carrier’s website and were available through REDjet’s call centre.


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