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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Politico in hot water


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WILL A CERTAIN MAN man who has been put out of the place like a pet named Rex try to bite his ex-partner?
That is the question being asked in one district following reports that the union has now officially ended.
The other question is: How will this broken union impact on the politico’s chances in fewer than two years’ time?
In other news, the politico in question has been hauled over the coals, along with three other people, over their lack of performance in recent times.
January 2013 could well turn out to be a black month for certain individuals now that this labour of love has ended.
Rock and hard place
HE MAY HAVE financial clout and may be a longstanding contributor and faithful member, but does he really expect that in this day and age he has the qualifications to govern?
Well, if information reaching Cou Cou is correct, he may very well get a certain big pick – and no one is making any sport about it.
The problem, however, is that the bossman is planning to give his son a big pick too and this could prevent one deal or the other from going through.
The question is who is more important: an able deputy or a general?
Mission impossible
IT NOW LOOKS certain that a woman with a well-known husband will be given the opportunity to sit down in a particular big house in the City.
The truth is though that health reasons apart, she is an outsider, as the lady that went before her would very well testify.
In fact, some argue that she is standing in quicksand and is really embarking on a suicidal mission.So while she is sure to defeat the challenge of one don, the other will surely sink her.
Indeed, a recent kite-flying contest would have shown her that she is not flying high.
Still calling shots
HE MAY NO LONGER be in charge of all the ham and cheese that is distributed at certain big fun events during the summer, but according to sources, that was only kid’s play.
Cou Cou understands that this well-known grassroots campaigner does not hold the favour of his namesake but he still calls many a shot simply because he has a reputation for sharing lashes.
Our guess is that he will just have to camp out before a new boss is put in charge and all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.
Something fishy
THINGS TURNED OUT to be pretty brown at a certain southern event this year.
From all reports, the lack of creativity and numbers stemmed from the fact that an outsider got involved in an event about which he was not familiar.
Something smells fishy about the whole event and how it went.
May bow out
KNOCK ON WOOD, but it seems that despite efforts to persuade him, this politico does not think he would be third-time lucky and so is unprepared to put his job on the line.
In fact, Cou Cou understands that he has been studying what course to take after the St John by-election and while he has been told that those on his side would pool their resources to assist his drive he believes victory might be a long shot.
So you can take an educated guess as to what he will do.

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