MAVIS BECKLES – Osama overkill by US Press


WUNNA DOAN THINK dat the Americans does talk too much, doh? From the time dat thing happened wid Osama bin Laden up in Pakistan, the American Press was on pon it like white on rice; and duh looking at it from all angles and picking it tuh pieces evah single chance duh get; and evah single channel ya turn tuh, somebody talking ’bout or interviewing somebody ’bout the bin Laden situation.
Now, evahbody know dat the American intelligence wasn’t going tuh sit back and rest until they catch bin Laden, be he dead or alive. 
Evahbody know dat dat day September 11 when dem two planes fly right into the Twin Towers, causing hundreds o’ people tuh lose duh lives, wasn’t going tuh go ’long just so or the American people wasn’t going tuh do like most passive Bajan people and say dat dem gine leave it in God’s hand fuh He tuh bring the people responsible tuh justice. Oh no!
Evahbody know dat nuh matter how long it took, the American government was intent on hounding down bin Laden like the bounty killers in dem old-time Western movies until they catch him, and they did dat last week, in Pakistan tuh boot.
And, of course, evahbody expected dat the people who lost family and friends when the towers collapsed would have rejoiced at bin Laden’s capture or death. Ya see, as far as they are concerned, justice had been served and Osama bin Laden got just what he deserved.
But the thing dat I cahn understand is why the American Press does have tuh go ’long wid the same thing ovah and ovah and all day, all night so, interviewing all  kinds o’ people from every government office and every possible foreign agency. 
Then duh does be calling pon all kinds o’ journalists at home in the States and overseas tuh tell dem what they saw, who they saw and when they saw what, putting the people lives in jeopardy when duh out there in dem foreign countries dat suh touchy and who always ready fuh war, especially wid the American people.
Now all this time duh like duh doan think dat bin Laden people gine be watching, listening tuh wha’evah duh saying and planning duh next move. 
I think dat the American Press does talk too much and talk out evah single thing in duh guts and exposing duhselves tuh the whole world. 
Look, I come along and hear the old people saying dat ya should never leh ya right hand know what ya left hand do.I suppose dem doan know nutten ’bout dat. Dem mussee got two left hands, soul!
Now, tell me, fuh heavens sake, why would I want tuh see the picture of Osama bin Laden when he get shoot? Wha’ I is a forensic pathologist or coroner? I is the man from CSI? 
I could understand unbelieving Thomas in the Bible. He didn’t want tuh confirm dat Jesus did really dead ’cause he saw the man get kill pon de cross right in front o’ he very two eyes; what he really wanted tuh confirm was dat the man he know was dead, the man he saw get kill, the man he witness soldiers tekking down from the cross was actually risen from the dead – dat is why he Thomas wanted tuh put he finger in the man side and in the wounds tuh prove dat it was the same person.
I suppose dat all these American announcers, journalists, talk show hosts and pundits, critics and experts who continue tuh clamour tuh see the picture o’ bin Laden, if ya give dem a chance would like tuh see the very body tuh examine it pon the same TV in front o’ the whole world, tuh stick duh fingers in wounds the Navy Seals people say he got, in order tuh believe it.
Wid the amount o’ pressure dem putting on from every angle, look sharp, some o’ dem gine soon start asking why the same special forces Navy Seals people cahn guh down and try tuh exhume the body from the sea fuh dem tuh examine. 
God knows if dem ain’t do something like dat a’ready.
But fuh trute, though, all a lot o’ dem doing is only drawing unnecessary attention tuh the situation instead o’ letting it rest. Duh only riling up unnecessary hatred in dem al Qaeda people. But dat is the Americans for ya: dem love drama. But duh need tuh stop.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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