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Year wood’s tirade


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LESS THAN TWO WEEKS after taking Ricardo Yearwood off the courts, Derrick Garrett might be forced to take him to court as well.
The Barbados Amateur Basketball Association (BABA) president filed an official police complaint for Yearwood after a threatening stare-down and verbal tirade from the banned player during Saturday’s basketball matches at the Wildey Gymnasium.
It’s the latest development in the Yearwood saga that started with the highly publicized drop kick of Keith Mayers, which led to the Station Hill Cavaliers forward’s life ban.
But the player further escalated the issue towards the end of a Third Division game between his club and Checker Hall Braves while Garrett was operating the electronic scoreboard.
Still aggrieved at receiving the maximum penalty, Yearwood stood motionless just feet away from the seated Garrett, staring at the BABA president for close to two minutes.
Garrett took exception with Yearwood’s action, asking him to “move along”, before Yearwood launched into a rant over his life ban.
That tirade was interrupted by Garrett’s fellow council member Jefferson Trotman and referee Ianthum Alleyne, who verbally scolded Yearwood for his public rant before he eventually left the premises.
The situation was reported by Garrett via a cellphone call to the Central Police Station in an official police complaint.
“I didn’t like the way he approached me; that’s the honest truth,” said the first-year BABA chief after the incident.
“I thought it was done in a threatening manner and if he continues to approach me [like that] I will not take too kindly to the matter.”
The life ban on Yearwood applied to his playing status, but Garrett
now plans to extend it to his attendance at all BABA-sanctioned games.
“I intend to let him know that he can no longer come to any of our games,” Garrett disclosed. “I will be writing the clubs and advising them that he will not be welcome at games in enclosed venues and I will also inform Station Hill . . . .”


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