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A big boos’ fuh tourism


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Dear Nesta,
Chile, Bajans get some good news week befo’ las’, when de committee at dah big-able organization all de way up in Paris, I t’ink it name UNESCO, put two places in de islan’ – Bridgetown an’ de Garrison – ‘pon duh Worl’ Heritage Lis’, mekkin’ we an official Worl’ Heritage Site!
T’ree new sites get add to dis lis’ an’ we happen to be one. As fuh de ethuh two, one in Germany an’ de nex’ in Japan!    
De Minister o’ Culture an’ ‘e team went up to mek sure evuht’ing was OK as it din absolutely sure at de start we woulda been successful dis time, but in de en’, talks turn out well an’ Buhbayduss is now one o’ de countries ‘pon dah “big-shot” lis’! Not at all bad, fuh we li’l islan’!
As you know, tourism is all we got to depen’ ‘pon, an’ right now, de picture en de rosies’ – I been readin’ de ethuh day, some travel agents ‘pon a visit hey complain dat we too far away an’ travellin’ to de island too cos’ly – so now Bridgetown an’ de Garrison get lis’ ‘mong de worl’ historical sites, we hopin’ dis would open up anethuh type o’ tourism – heritage tourism – an’ so bring people to de islan’ dat perhaps din even know ‘bout Buhbayduss befo’ dis listin’.
We should ‘specially keep dese two areas in tip-top condition as duh should be we special “show-pieces” to visitors we hopin’ to welcome hey – dem wid a interest in heritage! Even ef we din’ t’ink so befo’, dese two areas is somet’ing to be proud ‘bout – layout o’ streets in Bridgetown is de same today as it was hundruds o’ years ago, important buildin’s – Jewish Synagogue, Parliament (over 300 years ole), de Library – an’ de Garrison area.  
Is a pity, but nowadays, we got some people dat don’ gi’e two hoots bout neffin, so I could only hope all dem “don’-cay” litterbugs gine t’ink twice befo’ duh leggo dah wrapper or paper cup outta duh han’, as well as de men ‘bout hey dat does mek anywhey an’ evuhwhey a outdoor t’ilet when de mood ketch duh. 
Ef de aut’orities start mekkin’ people realize dat ef duh don’ hear, duh gine feel – hard – I don’ see why dese areas won’ keep in good condition!
I hope de Prime Minister gine’ be as successful as de Culture Minister was in Paris, when ‘e tek li’l time out to meet wid de Trinidad an’ Jamaica Heads to talk ‘bout Redjet, durin’ ‘e trip to St Kitts fuh CARICOM Heads Meetin’! De meeting finish an’ I lookin’ forward to hearin’ ef ‘e was able to show de two Heads how helpful Redjet would be fuh Caribbean people to get from one islan’ to de ethuh an’ stop payin’ t’rough duh nose to do it!  
I wonder ef de name got anyt’ing to do wid it, neh? Yuh know de colour “red” mos’ times mean danger, so dah might be de keep-back. But dah en no big t’ing, we could always change it to anethuh colour.
Evuhbody an’ evuht’ing goin’ green nowadays so we could mek it “GreenJet” instead – dah is a nice cool colour, right? I pinnin’ muh hopes ‘pon de PM to mek dem see de light. It seem ‘e now openin’ up, – firs’ China, now St Kitts – an’, as I always tell Philomena, say wuh yuh like, he is one man dat got comman’ o’ de English language!
Now ‘e start, I only hope ‘e keep goin’!
One or two matters – legal an’ ethuhwise – still need clearin’ up!  
Tek care o’ yuhself                                            
Yuh frien’ Babsie


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