Friday, April 12, 2024

Boss will pay in own time


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IT SEEMS THAT a particular boss has decided to get militant with his staff by refusing to give them their long-overdue overtime payment.
It is almost four months now that this hard-working group has not received a cent of the monies, which are rightfully due, because their belligerent boss would not release the funds.
The poor workers thought that after travelling halfway across the world he would hand over the paperwork which he had locked away in his office when he finally returned. Instead, he has been walking around with his chest in the air, saying the money will be released when he is ready to let it go.
The workers are so angry that they were planning not to put in any more overtime, but they know this would put the country’s security at risk.
They want to know how a boss could be so heartless when he knows full well that his workers have to ensure that even he can sleep well at night.
Destructive force
ALL WHO WORK at a certain company are getting along just fine now that the destructive element is no longer employed there.
Staff are now beginning to understand that this woman was the one creating all of the confusion in the workplace and causing people not to speak to each other.
It is only after she was fired that the other workers began to realize that she was talking to each one about the other behind their backs and creating enemies along the way.
Now that harmony has been restored the workers want her to know that she should have been concentrating on her work instead of being so dangerous and malicious.
Maybe if she was not so busy running her mouth and causing strife she would not have been coming up short every day with the company’s money.
Seems under her spell
RESIDENTS OF A POPULAR area in The Pine are not so happy about how a young woman in their district has been treating the married man she is sleeping with.
Apparently, her older sister was with the man first and discarded him after she got tired of using him. Now the younger sister is doing worse at exploiting the old man; she got him to rent a house for her and pay her university fees, and now she is trying to break up his marriage.
Residents feel sorry for this businessman and they want to know why he does not keep out of The Pine and stay in the central parish with his wife.
It seems that this young woman has her man living with her in the rented house and now she is using this old man’s money to go overseas to visit her big entertainer boyfriend.
People are now asking what there is about this family that has this man in such a trance that he would allow himself to be used by not one but two money-hungry sisters.
Bragging rights
Apparently, a woman who runs a school canteen has been bragging that she will be the only person selling there when the new term starts.
She told everyone on the last day of school that no-one would be even allowed to sell snacks or food to raise funds.
Apparently, she is saying that her relative, who has some power in educational circles, will ensure that she gets back the canteen next term even though everybody is complaining about her service.
She even went as far as to tell someone that no-one will get in the way of her building apartments.


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