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Warrens turnaround


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THE NEW WARRENS TRAFFIC PLAN in St Michael was enacted yesterday to mixed reviews from the public.
The plan, part of the three-year Greater Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project that began in January, entailed that all traffic would now move in a clockwise direction around the new Government buildings there.
Business owner Greg Cozier, the director of Huzier Trucks & Equipment, was severely critical of the plan and the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW).
“The MTW doesn’t have a clue about what they’re doing nor do they give people proper information. Any traffic system can work but people have to be informed and there are still people out there who don’t even know how to change lanes. How can a new traffic system work if no one knows about it?”
he asked, adding he had no official way of informing his clients how to get to his business.
Most motorists obeyed the changes and followed the signs but there were still areas of confusion; some were either absent-minded or stubborn and ended up going against the flow of traffic.
Around 1 p.m., traffic was heavy all around Warrens as motorists snaked along the various roads but this was normal for the area, which is usually congested around that time.
Motorist Michael Cadogan said he hoped the new plan would help ease congestion.
“Out here is usually congested so I hope this will help. People will have to pick their lanes early but once they understand, there should be no problems. However, up to now, a lot of people don’t know how to use roundabouts,” he said.
One motorist, who lives nearby in Lodge Crescent, said the plan was “a waste of time” as it would now be easier for them to walk to the supermarket than drive there while another said “MTW always confusing we and got we driving around in circles”.
Other motorists reserved final judgement until the plan had been in place for a while.
“It [the work at Warrens] is not finished yet so I will have to wait and see how it will affect me.
“I find, though, that Government does a lot of ad hoc things without proper assessment,” one unnamed motorist said.
Another, who also did not want to be named, said: “I noticed the changes made my route longer but the one-way seems to be working. I will have to wait and see,” she said.
A Press release from Mike Williams, communications consultant for C.O. Williams, outlined the plan.
Going clockwise
“The C.O. Williams Construction team, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and Works, advises that all traffic will move in a circular, clockwise movement around the new NHC [National Housing Corporation] Government building at Warrens, St Michael.
“When motorists exit the SuperCentre car park on the regular southern side of the property, they will turn left only and travel in either of the two lanes of one-way traffic around the NHC building,” it stated.
The release said all vehicular traffic making an exit from the southern side of the CGI Towers car park and Barbados National Bank would do the same, while motorists leaving the NHC building car park would turn right onto the clockwise traffic flow.
“Traffic from the western exit of the CGI Towers, Chefette, KFC and the SOL Warrens gas station will continue to operate as before for the time being only,” it said.
In a C.O. Williams advertisement in this week’s SUNDAY SUN, the traffic plan was explained further: “This means that you can approach SuperCentre from the small roundabout by KFC but you cannot come in from the DaCosta Mannings or PriceSmart side and turn right.
“You will be required to travel clockwise around the NHC building and return via the KFC/CGI roundabout to the SuperCentre car park on the southern side.”


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