FLYING FISH & COU COU: Licking trade in rum shops


Whoever is chosen as the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) candidate in St James North tomorrow, it seems the biggest losers will be rum shops that dot the rural constituency.
According to those who have been travelling across the constituency sampling the opinion of voters, the shops have been doing a brisk trade providing drinks to soothe the throats of those hoarse from arguing about the politics of the day – mainly whether long-serving representative Rawle Eastmond should simply be allowed to run or should have to win a nomination process.
Insiders told Cou Cou that temperatures at a certain coastal shop, for example, have been running high, with the proprietor arguing that Doug Skeete should get the nod, while some of his customers think Edmund Hinkson should be the one, and others are arguing that Eastmond should be allowed his last hurrah.
It seems that while many like Eastmond and appreciate what he achieved in his heyday as a Government minister, they are concerned about his health and wonder if he is up to the rigours of what is expected to be truly the mother of all political battles whenever the general election bell is rung.
As far as the nomination for the election is concerned, insiders expect a general election type atmosphere at St Alban’s Primary School. The insiders said cars have already been hired to transport people to vote and T-shirts supporting a particular nominee should be visible.
But the big question is: Will Eastmond show up and fight? Or will he take his battle before the law courts to insist on what he perceives is a violation of his rights?
We don’t know. Like Ronald Jones on when Alexandra School teachers would return to the classroom, we can only say that if we knew these answers we would also be able to say when Jesus Christ is returning.
Tit for tat
A certain person who assisted a number of people through the years is now calling in favours from them.
The idea is to use this pressure to lessen the support of a particular figurehead and to weaken that individual’s numerical support.
The person under pressure supposedly had the medical bills paid by the individual now applying the screws to get their way, as that person is seen as the weakest link among those aligned, given their lack of solid financial resources.
Those in the know say that if this strategy works, three plus one would give the person an equation to cause major ripples. And, if the other one who sides with winners only joins them, the individual will be able to reclaim a lost position.
End justifies means
The cursing a man put down on a certain politico in a supermarket some weeks back has paid off.
You would recall we told you about this and said a Bee had to part two Dems who were having it out in that public arena.
Well, the man recently got a catering contract for a certain ceremony, even though his bid was the highest.  
Law unto himself
Do you know that at each hard court there is supposed to be a sign stating that the court should only be used as intended?
Do you know that these signs were erected some years back as part of the deal to secure insurance for these courts?
Would you believe that football tournaments are not intended to be held on these hard courts?
Would you also believe that the attorney who recommended the sign was associated with one of these football tournaments?
Is this a case of one rule for the leaders and another for the governed?


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