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Nuhbody wid tattoos, please


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EVERY?YEAR?it?is the same story wid me.
I always asking the same questions when it comes tuh the inter-house, NAPSAC, and then the secondary inter-school sports, but still cahn seem tuh get nuh kinda answers from nuhbody.
Wha’ I cahn understand is how so many children does be showing such great potential as young athletes all the way from primary through tuh secondary school, and then all of a sudden we doan hear nutten more ’bout dem. Then we doan have a soul outta all o’ dat lotta talent tuh represent we by the time it gets tuh the CARIFTA, Pan American or CAC Games.
I ain’t know, but it appears or I could only assume dat duh doan get the support needed, financial or otherwise.
Or, maybe, dem does lose interest after their last year at secondary school.
As I said, I could only assume, ’cause when I watch these young athletes performing so well, it does really bless my heart as I does be seeing dem going on tuh achieve greatness. But, clearly, I does be wrong.
Look at the upcoming games which are supposed tuh take place in London. Barbados ain’t got one soul dat we could holler out and get hoarse fuh or bite down we fingernails tuh a stump for when we see dem at the starting line. I a li’l confuse here and I wish somebody could help me tuh understand some o’ these things.
I look in the papers the other day and read ’bout the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) telling anybody wid a visible tattoo not tuh apply ’cause they will be disqualified, nuh matter who duh is.
Sergeant Sonia Jones, the senior non-commissioned officer in the human resources department of the BDF, was speaking at the career showcase organized by them for secondary schoolchildren.
She told dem dat the Defence Force was looking tuh recruit at least 70 people in August tuh fill 50 vacancies wid-in the force and dat because o’ the tattoo policy, which came into effect in 2009, applicants wid visible tattoos would be turned away.
She also said dat if the tattoos can be seen in the sporting wear they will not be eligible tuh join the army and dat if they can be seen on ya arms and/or legs, ya got tuh remember dat they does go on parades. Sergeant Jones went on tuh say dat it took a hundred dollars tuh get the tattoos put on and thousands tuh get duh take off. Wow!
Cahn rub out
Now there’s a thing nuh? A lot o’ young people nowadays only putting on the tattoos tuh follow pattern duh friends who does go and scrawl up duh selves, fuhgetting dat dem ain’t gine be young all the time and the tattoos cahn rub out when duh doan want dem.
I ain’t gine tell you nuh lie: I hate tuh see the young people, the girls especially, wid the tattoos all up in duh neck, all pon duh hands and all ovah duh foot like duh trying tuh compete wid one another as tuh who could wear the most tattoos, who got the most patience tuh lie down or sit down and let a man scrawl dem up like dem is a flipping-well drawing book; and furthermore, pay he fuh doing it too ya!
A lot o’ the young people nowadays too impressionable and duh does get caught up wid the people they see pon the music videos and fuhget dat none o’ dem people who dem see singing, dancing and carrying on doan have tuh go and face nuhbody fuh a job – dem bread done butter a’ready.
The young girls all of a sudden like duh decide dat because Miss Rihanna could do it, dem could do it too and fuhget dat Rihanna is a multimillionaire who ain’t have tuh ask nuhbody nuh questions. She bread more than buttered and fuh a long time too.
Tuh me the fellas ’bout here ain’t as bad as the girls. Dem got the tattoos too but not as much, which is good. Talking ’bout tattoos, I remember watching the LeBron James story some time back about how he grew up and got into basketball wid his friends.
I mean the boy was nice, clean-cut wid very smooth brown skin. Now all of a sudden the man is a superstar and got he entire body scrawl up and in all kinds o’ designs and markings like a map. Ya cahn even see he two elbows. It like it is a fad wid dem basketballers, doh.
Now I am sure dat if these people was born wid this kinda skin, I know all o’ dem would be wearing long-sleeve shirts all the time. They would see demselves as wha’ we used tuh call poxy.
Ya could call me out o’ touch, not wid it or even backward, but I hate tuh see dem and the BDF doan want wunna.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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