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SECRETS’ CORNER: Bride-to-be went too far?


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JUST BEFORE brides-to-be take that big and bold step into marriage, it is customary for their friends to throw a bridal shower.
Some even put on some wild and wacky parties for the person about to tie the knot.
It is also nothing new that some hire strippers to entertain at these parties.
For many, though, it is just for fun – adult female entertainment. It’s not necessary that it gets further than that.
Perhaps some dancing, cheering, perhaps a little tugging, and depending on how good the dancers are, some money may even be stuffed in their undergarments, which after a couple of minutes are totally revealed.
But, whichever way it goes, it’s simply a way to usher brides into their marriage.
However, some of these parties are known to get out of hand. Some go way off-base and sometimes those involved, especially the bride-to-be, go too far and sometimes get into trouble.
This then impacts very negatively on the wedding that is to be, but sometimes never is.
That was the scenario this week in Secrets’ Corner:
At an all-girls’ party a week before her wedding, the bride-to-be is kissed deeply by the male stripper hired to entertain and she fondles his privates. This news is related to her groom-to-be and he is angry. Does he need to be or was what she did just a fun thing?
Exercise control
Truth be told, the bride should have exercised much more control than she did. She should have simply enjoyed the party and the show the strippers were putting put. To her friends, it was a send-off to a marriage, a bond that is to be ordained by God.
A union where trust is key.
Why would this bride fondle the stripper?
Of course, the groom should be angry at what was initially supposed to be a fun affair.
It cannot be easy on this groom knowing that the woman he is about to walk down the aisle with was seen deeply kissing and then fondling the stripper’s privates.
Even before sealing this bond, there is a trust issue, which does not augur well for a lifetime of years together.
This groom should be upset, as his partner would be if he was found out to be deeply kissing a stripper at his bachelor party, and groping her private parts.
This is what some readers had to say.
  • “I never got the whole point of male strippers or strippers at a party before a wedding. I never saw the reason but was always cautious because something like this
could happen. “I’m sure she wouldn’t have been pleased if he had done that with a stripper at his party. It’s just disrespectful.
It’s disrespectful to him and herself. And it could probably send the message to other people that she isn’t taking her upcoming nuptials seriously.”
• “The young lady was having fun and the groom-to-be needs to mind she does not kick him to the kerb. Who knows what he got up to on his stag night? Really! He can’t be serious. He needs to go back to school. I am sure this young lady had a few drinks. My hen night was happy and loads of fun. We went to the extreme – it is called girls behaving badly.”
• “Strippers are a common feature of the night before wedding entertainment, and it is just that. Entertainment. I do not see how what she did is something for her groom to be unduly concerned about.”
• That is what you call one night of fun for the ladies, while the gentlemen had their fun with other ladies of the sort. It works both ways . . . . In life no man owns a woman or no woman owns a man. Each individual has to have an understanding of one another and give one another space at times.”
• “We like to watch too much TV and imitate what we see. Why stop at kissing or fondling his privates? After all, it’s only one night. Why not go all the way and have sex with the stripper?
“For that matter, have unprotected sex. Shoot, let’s go all the way and have an orgy – after all, it is one night. It shouldn’t matter.”
• “Honestly, if you love someone enough, things like that can be forgiven. One has got to be sure that what has happened is not setting the course for future behaviour and expecting to be forgiven again.”


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