Senator: Free movement can help economy


JAMAICAN SENATOR Floyd Morris says governments opposed to free movement of labour within the Caribbean region should realize it is a way of stimulating economic growth throughout the area.
The blind senator who represents the People’s National Party (PNP) in Jamaica’s senate suggests it is one way to utilize the talents of the growing numbers of “unemployed and underemployed” for the collective benefit of the region.
“I have no doubt that we would see an improvement in the cost of production if we can get that excess labour shifting around to places that need it,” Morris told the DAILY NATION in an interview at the Parliament Buildings yesterday.
Stressing he was “an unrepentant Caribbean nationalist”, the senator said: “I believe that if as a people we are going to survive in the new global dispensation, we have to work together and in working together we have to free up the system to allow for nationals to work, study, play right across the spectrum of the Caribbean.”
Read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION.


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