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Fish not biting


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SOME?RESIDENTS?in?the north could be spending tomorrow, Good Friday, and the Easter holidays without a piece of fish on their plates.
No tuna or marlin or even dolphin. Maybe they will have to spend $160 for 100 whole-boned flying fish.
That is the word from vendors at the Millie Ifill Fish Market in Weston, St James, who told the WEEKEND?NATION? that the fish just have not been biting.
“We haven’t had fish here at Weston all week,” said one vendor who asked not to be named. “All we have been seeing down this side has been jacks. I have never seen it like this in all my time down here and I have been here doing this for the past 15 years.”
Kevin, another vendor, had his table set up in front the market and it was filled with jacks at $4 a pound.
He said these past few weeks have not been easy for them.
“Fish is the problem. There is no fish out there to catch. Normally, we would sell whatever we catch – from jacks to dolphin – but this is the worst that I have ever seen it,” Martín said.
At the Payne’s Bay market, it was a different tune with a sign in front of Forever Young.? It read: Dolphin, Marlin, King Fish, Tuna.
“I’m not going to lie to you,” the vendor said. “This business has its own fair share of ups and downs, but I am blessed to say that I have my own clientele, so some of the problems that the others will have don’t really affect me. But there are challenges out there. There isn’t any flying fish like before.
“And as for the other fish, I right now am selling dolphin at $8 per pound, but there are people calling looking for it at $7 and $7.50. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow and see what happens.”
Meantime, it was a different picture at the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex yesterday with fishermen carrying the daily catches to the various stalls and vendors making light work of cleaning, scaling, boning and parcelling out fish for waiting customers.
One of the vendors, Melanie, though busy preparing a few pounds of dolphin for one customer, noted that this was not a norm.
According to her, things were slow, “Normally, the crowd would be more than this. This is not busy. But I expect that the crowds will come tomorrow. They would usually come in on the Thursday before Good Friday to get their fish.”
Questioned about what type of fish she had, Melanie said: “Dolphin, mainly. We haven’t been getting flying fish that sorta way. We have the dolphin going at between $8 and $8.50 a pound.”
Jagdeo, a fisherman, who was helping out at Stall 7, said things were starting to pick back up.
“We have jacks, a few flying fish, dolphin, tuna and some marlin. The only fish we haven’t been seeing is swordfish, but so far everybody seems satisfied,” Jagdeo said.


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