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WHAT MATTERS MOST: Soul searching


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Almost two years ago, I wrote an article that sought to elevate the soul to a place where the Almighty tunes into the individual and he alone knows the frequency.
The body is a gift from God; the mind is the imperfection of the spirit and the soul is the means by which God communicates his acceptance or rejection of the spirit.
Part of the beauty of life is that the physical body has limits and by definition has to deteriorate. In short, we all have to die. Imagine a world in which man is literally able to purchase life; it would mean that the inequality in life would be sustained in death.    
The mind is capable of conjuring up anything because it operates in an environment of imperfection; it is therefore prone to manipulation by things and people around it.
This is why it is possible to read someone’s mind.
On the other hand, it is impossible to read the soul of another individual.
It can only be read by the Almighty. The physical counterpart to the soul with regard to the uniqueness of identification is the fingerprint.
The same way in which man discovered that there was a unique physical identification of an individual in the form of a fingerprint, the Almighty had to be able to identify and judge the spirit; it is done through the soul.  
Therefore, the soul is the spiritual identification of the individual and is known only to the Lord.
In this sense, the soul is superior to both the body and the mind. The supremacy of the soul is derived from its root which is made entirely out of faith.
The issue of faith, therefore, cannot be reasoned. It is simply about belief! This is why it is useless to engage those without faith who seem not to understand that the journey begins and ends with the spirit.
Perhaps the best way to put faith into context is to appeal to man in his most deprived state, that is, as a victim of slavery. In such a state, man obviously lost hope in man and may have even lost his mind, and required faith to continue. Therefore, having faith has little to do with biblical teachings and more to do with man’s soul.
A man living in a remote village without access to a bible or formal education must still have access to God. This access has to come through the soul which entitles him to equality after death. This principle also applies to those differently able who may not be able to access basic teachings.
The notion that some group brought a bible and established a church to teach deprived people about God, as a means of control, is false. Long before any such thought, deprived people existed and, by definition, had to look beyond physical man for hope and, in the circumstances, the search had to be spiritual.      
If materially deprived people were also deprived of spirit and soul, what would be the purpose of a superior being? Certainly, the inequality of life must cease to exist in death, and by extension, beyond death, where the soul reigns.
The mind is capable of achieving extraordinary things but only on the physical level. It may be developed to have a high tolerance level.
It may be trained to behave in a particular way. It is, therefore, possible for the mind to presume powers that may be mistaken as omniscient, when it is simply extraordinary.
It is in the pursuit of the extraordinary that man may confuse himself with God. Those who presume extraordinary intellect are most prone to question the existence of an Almighty.
It is impossible for the human being that we know to be omniscient. Anything that is all-knowing has to take a spiritual form which makes it capable of manifesting itself in whatever form it sees fit. The Almighty is therefore the ultimate soul into which all other souls are wired.
The soul, therefore, purely spiritual because it is the domain of the Almighty into which each individual has access but not necessarily acceptance.
Remarkably, the acceptance starts with belief which is neither physical nor measurable, and as a result, access to the Almighty does not come in relation to colour, class or creed.


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