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PUDDING & SOUSE: Boss bullies guard for money


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WORKERS AT?A GOVERNMENT AGENCY want to know why disciplinary charges have not been brought against a senior manager who got into an altercation while at work.
According to reports, the manager brought a sword to the workplace and charged at a security guard who owed him $100.
Eyewitnesses said the manager raised the sword as he pushed, cuffed, and threatened the guard and then forced him to get into his car and drive to a nearby bank for the money.
However, when complaints were made about the manager’s violent behaviour to higher management, their only concern was if he was paid back his money by the guard.
Other staff members now want to know if they too can bring sharp-edged tools to work to settle disputes.
They want the minister in charge of the agency to come in and dump the many senior people who are operating like square pegs in round holes.
Dangerous move
WHY?IS?IT that a domestic worker who works at a learning institution has been allowed to return to work even though she has been deemed medically unfit?
What would happen if someone accidentally bounces her and knocks the bag which she has to walk around with just in case she has a potty accident?
Who would be responsible in that case for cleaning up the mess?
Shouldn’t someone have thought about these things before this woman was given the green light to return?
Total confusion
THERE IS?A LOT OF ANIMOSITY at a certain institution where security is paramount.
Apparently, it is time to elect a member for the workers’ association but the election process has been anything but civil.
Posters are being plastered on noticeboards and walls alleging wrongdoing by some of the candidates, and there are charges about missing money, who sleeps with whom, and who is pimping for the big boss.
Members are saying that this is the first time that the election campaign has been so smeared at the institution.
Tricked again
FRIENDS OF?A PROMINENT BUSINESSMAN are advising him to read some of Dr Spock’s baby books so that he can gain some knowledge about babies and childbirth.
These friends believe that the businessman has been tricked once more by his girlfriend, who recently gave birth to a baby girl weighing seven pounds but told him that the baby was born premature at 32 weeks.
They want to know if he is so dumb that he did not realize that mother and child were discharged without delay.
Friends are saying while this man is astute at business, he does not seem to know anything about how children are conceived.
He needs to get a DNA test not only for the newborn but also the other children who this woman said are his.
Teen in the midst
EVERYONE WAS WONDERING why a certain man has moved out of his house to move into a small apartment with a teenaged girl.
Well Pudding & Souse understands that he has left the woman he had for several years and is shacking up with a teenage girl, who is supposed to be his daughter.
Neighbours are concerned about this relationship because father and daughter are always locked up in the house together.
Word has it that his former girlfriend is so embarrassed about the situation that she is trying hard not to let people find out that he has left her and is rocking the cradle with his child.


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