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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby threatened for trying to help


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Dear Christine,
I have been reading your column for the past ten years since moving to the Caribbean, and it never misses me.
I am writing with the hope that you can help me with a situation I am facing.
I came to the Caribbean ten years ago after marrying a West Indian. We now have two children and are living a relatively comfortable life.
My problem is that my husband met a young woman about two years ago who needed help badly. We agreed as a family to assist her, and so we offered her a job in our business.
I really do not know what got into her, but about five months ago, she started calling my home and talking to my husband about a problem she was having with her boyfriend. My husband listened to her, then advised her to talk to me.
She refused and said she preferred to discuss her personal problems with a male friend. I had no problem with that, since I am also a person who would prefer to have men as my friends.
To make a long story short, my husband visited her at her home on two occasions to talk with her and to fix a few things in the house which she needed to have fixed.
Apparently her male friend turned up at the house while my husband was there and accused him of carrying on an affair with this young girl. She explained the situation to him, but he refused to listen.
A few days later the girl turned up for work with bruises on her face and her body. She said she was beaten by her friend and that he threatened to beat my husband as well. I have asked the young woman to report this incident to the police, but she says she is afraid to.
My husband’s family has advised him to dismiss the girl and avoid any contact with her, but my husband insists he will not put the young woman out of work because of her personal problems.
I am worried, since the same man has turned up at our business on at least two occasions for no apparent reason.
What can I do to convince my husband that getting rid of her would be the best thing to do – for his sake, perhaps her sake, and the good of everyone?
– B.W.
Dear B.W.,
From your letter, I can see that you do not reside in Barbados, but I am wondering how the law works in your country.
Both your husband and this woman need to make a report to the police, especially your husband.
If this young woman is happy in this farce of a relationship, so be it. If she is content to be beaten and threatened, so be it, but your husband needs to talk to the police and if possible get a restraining order so this young man would keep off his property.
While it might appear that the best thing for your husband to do is to get rid of this woman, it may not be the right thing to do. She needs a job like anyone else.
Advise your husband to speak to the police so they are aware of the situation and perhaps caution this young man, or charge him for threatening to beat your husband.


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