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DEAR CHRISTINE: So sorry I hurt my son’s mother


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Dear Christine,
I AM WRITING THIS LETTER as an apology to my son’s mother for the way I mistreated her.
Two years ago we found out she was pregnant. At that time I was cheating on her continuously so I broke off the relationship, blaming everything on her.
During her pregnancy I did nothing but make her cry. I didn’t help her in any way at first. She was torn up and hurt about the break-up but accepted it and moved on.
To some extent I wasn’t interested in her or the pregnancy anymore. I was too busy focusing on my new relationship unknown to her then. This is a woman that has never hurt me in any way before or after our break-up.
 Throughout her pregnancy, not once did she ask me for anything. There were times when I called her just to curse her. It got to the point where I would listen to “my friend” and friends and bad-mouth her. I called her names and put people to laugh at her.
I did not care about doctor visits or hospital admissions.
She was no longer an interest to me because I allowed my new relationship to get to my head. I saw her best friend in town one day and she told me she was hospitalized. I said “I don’t care,” and walked away.
  Time flew, and the day my son was born I heard a voice telling me to get up and go to the hospital.
When I arrived the first thing I asked her was why she didn’t call me. Her response was: “For you to curse me as you always do or to hear  don’t care?”
  When I saw my son I cried. He looked so adorable and innocent; and to think I hurt this woman that brought him into this world! Would you believe it’s been two years since that day and not once has she asked me for anything for him? She fully supports him. I’m no longer in a position to financially help her as I would like, and it has no effect on her. She hasn’t put me before the court nor does she call me for anything. She has also included me in his everyday life.  
Christine, my son is the apple of my eye. I love him tremendously. I don’t miss a day without seeing him and he spends every other weekend with me. The relationship between his mother and I is not the way I would like it to be. She does not really speak to me, and honestly I miss that. We communicate only when it’s about my son. Sometimes I feel left out when I see them together.
  He is growing so sweetly and she takes good care of him.
  Now this is where my apology comes in: “K, I am so sorry for hurting and neglecting you when you were pregnant with our son. I have seen the way you are with him and how he’s growing so handsome and for that I have nothing but respect and admiration for you.
I could not have asked for a better woman to raise my son. I am so sorry I allowed other people to come between us and put thoughts about you in my head. That will never happen again.
 I must admit I miss talking to you; even if it’s just for you to tell me about your day. However, I understand why you’ve closed that part of your life from me.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of his life even though I don’t deserve it. Most of all, I am sorry I made you cry just to please others.
That part really hurts me when I sit back and think about it.
Once again K, thank you for giving me my son! I will never again disrespect you or allow anyone to come between us in reference to our son.
You really are a good mother and I hope one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me.”
 – Shane
Dear Shane,
Silence is golden and I have to be silent regarding this open letter of “repentance.”
    I pray it will do its work.


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